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Working for Llanmoor – a year on update

We recently checked in with our newest Sales Negotiator, Lily Wakeford, to see how she’s been getting on since starting her career with us at Llanmoor Homes. Here’s what she had to say when we asked her a few questions…

How long have you worked for Llanmoor Homes?  

“I started working with Llanmoor in November 2016, so I have been there a year and 3 months now.”

How has your experience been so far?

“I have loved every minute of it. My training was extensive, varied and really enjoyable. During my first 12 months I had the opportunity to spend time with all the Sales Negotiators at their respective sites and learn how they operate. The experience I gained was crucial in my development and I feel I have benefitted greatly from their invaluable input.”

What skills have you learnt since you started with Llanmoor/ how has your career progressed?

“When I first started with the company, I was a little reserved and felt nervous when initially dealing with prospective customers.  As a result of my training and the growth of my knowledge surrounding the industry I really believe that I have improved so much.

“My knowledge of how new build sites run is now extensive and I understand the issues the building staff face on a day to day basis. I fully understand the contractual processes and legal procedures that must be followed during the purchasing phase. I understand the importance of working with other professionals such as financial advisors, solicitors, estate agents and our own staff. It is imperative that all the different roles, of all the different professions, interlock to provide a seamless service.

“I have certainly become more organised and am able to prioritise my workload and hit deadlines under pressure when required. My confidence has also greatly increased due to my improved knowledge of the business.

“I also really enjoy meeting the purchasers and offering a friendly, professional and individual service. I have worked extremely hard on this aspect of my role and I now find talking to people, answering their questions and selling our beautiful new build houses, second nature.”

What do you enjoy the most about working for Llanmoor?

“I really enjoy being responsible for my own site. Being able to see a new build house rise from no more than a slab to the finished product and then sell it to a new home owner is really satisfying. Having such a positive effect of an individual or a family’s lives is a real privilege.

“I also really enjoy developing close working relationships with all of the staff at Llanmoor. These liaisons provide great camaraderie and provide an exciting and vibrant environment to work within. I have made some great friends.”

Outline any training/opportunities you have had through Llanmoor that you may not have gotten elsewhere?

“During my time with the company, I have had numerous one to one sessions, with experienced staff members, who have provided most of my probationary training. A lot of the skills have been learnt practically, whilst dealing with clients and in the actual working environment.

“I have discussions daily with my Site Manager. He is a constant source of information regarding the progress of the properties and any technical building questions I may need answering. I have regular meetings with my Sales Manager and the Sales Director, both of which closely monitor my progress and provide mentoring assistance.

“I have found this form of training far better for my role than any classroom-based training could have provided. It’s been a real learning curve, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed.”

What are you most looking forward to about your future with Llanmoor? (i.e. opportunities to progress/working on different developments etc)

“The site I am currently managing will be finished in the very near future. I am really looking forward to working on one of our new developments. The opportunity to work a site from the first stages of development and see it through to completion, I imagine will be both challenging but also really satisfying.

“In the longer term I will always look for opportunities within the company. I will always look to develop and improve where I can and take any courses and training that is offered. I always self-evaluate my performance and take on board any advice offered by our experienced staff.

“There are lots of exciting times ahead for Llanmoor and I feel excited and privileged to be a small part of their future. Their attention to detail and individuality, together with their friendly and welcoming approach I believe sets them apart and I really couldn’t have picked a better house developer to work for.”

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