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virtual viewings

Viewings of our New Build Homes, from your home

At Llanmoor we are always looking for the latest technologies and innovations to improve on your experience with us. That is why we have invested in our new Virtual Viewings. Using technology from Matterport we are able to scan each of our house styles, digitalise them and allow you to walk through as if you were there yourself, without even having to leave the house! This is perfect for those of you moving from further afield, or simply if you do not have the time to visit the sales centres.
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Our house styles    Virtual Viewings Guide

virtual tours

Using our Virtual Viewings

Using the VR could not be simpler – just click on the dots to move around a room/floor. There may be labelled information which you can also hover over for a bit of extra detail on a feature.

New home styles

Take a look at our new homes

Two bedroom homes

The Chelsea

2 bedroom home (661 sqft / 61 sqm)

2 bedroom new home Wales

Three bedroom homes

The Ogmore

3 bedroom home (790 sqft / 73 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

The Nash

3 bedroom home (879 sqft / 82 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

The Moulton G

3 bedroom home (950 sqft / 88 sqm)

Moulton G Three Bedroom Home

The Coity

3 bedroom home (1,091 sqft / 101 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

The Litchard

3 bedroom home (877 sqft / 81 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

The Cedars

3 bedroom home (955 sq ft / 88 sq m)

Cedars 3 Bedroom Home

The Ewenny

3 bedroom home (968 sqft / 90 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

The Ferndale

3 bedroom home (1,117 sqft / 104 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

The Pendoylan

3 bedroom home (1,179 sqft / 109 sqm)

3 bedroom new home Wales

Four bedroom homes

The Llandow

4 bedroom home (1,106 sqft / 102 sqm)

4 bedroom new home Wales

The Mulberry

4 bedroom home (1,250 sqft / 116 sqm)

Mulberry House Type 4 Bedroom House

The Newton

4 bedroom home (1,274 sqft / 118 sqm)

5 bedroom new home Wales

The Bonvilston

4 bedroom home (1,295 sqft / 120 sqm)

4 bedroom new home Wales

The Maple

4 bedroom home (1,336 sqft / 124 sqm)

VR Tour Maple

The Llanmaes

4 bedroom home (1,341 sqft / 125 sqm)

5 bedroom new home Wales

The Llancarfan

4 bedroom home (1,355 sqft / 126 sqm)

4 bedroom new home Wales

The Meadow

4 bedroom home (1,428 sqft / 132 sqm)

The Meadow Four Bedroom Home

The Frampton

4 bedroom home (1,431 sqft / 133 sqm)

4 bedroom new home Wales

The Oakfield SP

4 bedroom home 1,432 sqft (133 sqm)

Oakfield 4 Bedroom New Home Virtual Reality VR

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If you have any questions relating to our house styles, please feel free to email or call us on 01443 228 413

Need move in advice?

If there is any information you cannot find via our website, please feel free to contact us online with your enquiry about your brand new Llanmoor home. One of our team will be happy to help.

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New home floor plans


View the house floor plan in a satellite-like view so you can clearly see the layout of the rooms and their features. You will see that each room is clearly labelled and marked up for ease of viewing.

Want to try it out?
View our house styles in VR

Virtual Reality Viewings

A guide on how to use them

There are several things you should know about our virtual viewings. Below is a selection of the simple navigation tools you can use inside the Virtual Viewing:

Navigation circles

Click on the various hot spots that can be found throughout the tour to navigate from one place to the next.

Room Selector

You can use the slider at the bottom of the tour to easily click into a specific room to navigate straight to it.

Feature Label

Small coloured dots will reveal extra information once hovered over (or clicked upon on mobile devices)

Floor Plans

To see the virtual viewing floor plans, simply click on the floorplan icon in the bottom navigation panel.

Floor Selector

You can use the slider at the bottom to easily flick between each property floor rather than navigating up the stairs.

Dollhouse View

To get a 3D visualisation of the house, you can select the dollhouse view from the bottom panel.

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