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Ten top tips to get your home ready for Autumn

With the temperature on the turn and the seasons changing, Llanmoor Homes have come up with ten top tips to help you get your home ready for Autumn. It’s not quite winter yet so get yourself into gear, give your garden a trim and your house the once over…

    1. Check your windows and doors for draughts. It may sound simple but checking for draughts can make a huge difference to your home comfort. The better your house is insulated and tightly fitted, the less you’ll have to spend on bills.
    1. Buy a programmable thermostatIf you haven’t already got one a programmable thermostat is a great way to regulate your house’s temperature. Setting the temperature to automatically lower during certain times in the day will save you a great deal.
    1. Tidy up your garden. This summer’s weather has been particularly unreliable, with it raining one minute and sunny the next the plants are sure to have grown and grown. Get your trimmer at the ready and start chopping back those bushes, shrubs and trees.
    1. Inspect the roof and clean your gutters. Clear any debris like leaves and twigs from gutters, flat roofs and drainage channels. It’s also important to have gutters refitted if they are sloping the wrong way!
    1. Clean humidifiers and fans. Replace any old filters that may have become dirty during summer and clean the inside compartments.
    1. Check water drainage and look out for blocked pipes. For most accurate results check your pipes during heavy rain to see if water is leaking from anywhere. Alternatively in dry weather look for stained brickwork.
    1. Bring inside flowerpots and plant bulbs for next springBringing your flowerpots inside will help them flourish all year round and avoid the pots becoming damp. Also remember to plant your favourite bulbs outside in time for next spring.
    1. Stock up on home essentials. Whether you stock up on fire wood, candles or batteries it’s important to be prepared for all eventualities this Autumn. “Winter is coming” after all…
    1. Organise your shed. Hoarding junk in your shed/garage is something everyone is guilty of! Autumn is the perfect time of year to get the job done so you have space to bring in all your summer stuff.
    1. Test home safety devices. Winter is when we begin to use electricity, heating and lighting a lot more so it’s important to check all devices. Replace the batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working properly.

Llanmoor Homes has been constructing brand new homes in South Wales for over 50 years in 2016, and is one of just a handful of private, family-run housebuilders in South Wales.  Established by Brian Grey in 1966, Llanmoor Homes is now directed from its headquarters in Talbot Green by his 3 sons Simon, Tim and Matthew Grey.

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