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Site Manager, Lindsay Shares Her Return to Work Experience

As a premier house building Company, we want our homes to be safe, comfortable environments and make sure this mood is reflected from the moment customers meet us in our offices. Whilst the recent pandemic and subsequent regulations have been a huge challenge, we are not letting it get in the way of this. Here we speak to Lindsay, our Sales Manager, about how we’re making the move back to our offices as safe and comfortable as possible.

“As Sales Manager, I was not furloughed in order that I could continue to respond to our customers enquiries throughout lockdown. Upon Head Office and more recently our Sales centres re opening with all the COVID 19 procedures in place, I and my Sales team have been very appreciative that the Company have been very thorough with their protocols as to social distancing , hand sanitising, daily temperature checks, wiping areas down and generally protecting us and our customers”.

She said: “For me coming back into the office was great because it was a very welcome start of the return to normality. Just getting back to the routine of getting ready for work, leaving at a specific time and seeing the faces of some of my colleagues again makes life just that little bit easier. Some of the Head Office team are still working from home and I look forward to seeing them all again sometime soon”.

“Once in the office, we maintain two metre distancing from each other at least. Only one person allowed in the kitchen at any one time and we are continually cleaning our personal work spaces. Originally, the only contact we had on site was outdoors with Sales Negotiators. Now we’re back able to greet visitors to our sales centres on an appointment only basis, there are hand sanitisers stationed around the office, social distancing guidelines and set procedures for welcoming any visitors. The girls and I keep our distance – I’m able to sit by the door and talk to them easily, however if we have to get any closer, masks are on. We’re constantly wiping down surfaces, so we are all remaining very hygienic”.

“I miss the contact with the girls, as we always have a cuddle when I walk into the sales office and when I leave. We like to bring cakes to the office when it’s someone’s birthday to have a little celebration and since we’ve missed a lot of birthdays during lockdown, there are lots of IOUs in place”.

“I’m really glad to be back in work and for some normality”.

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