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Preparing Your Guest Room for Visitors

It is all too easy for the guest bedroom of your house to become a dumping ground for unloved personal belongings. However, just a few styling modifications can revolutionize a once overlooked space into a welcoming place for your nearest-and-dearest. Take comfort in knowing that you do not need an extensive budget, to create an inviting escape for visitors within your home.

Crisp, clean bed linen

A freshly made bed dressed with clean sheets, is the perfect way to encourage your guests to unwind and get a good night’s rest. It’s easy to add texture and colour with soft furnishings.

A generous supply of towels, pillows and blankets

Each person has different requirements. Some people use just one towel whereas others like a variety. An extra blanket provides comfort for someone who is often cold, just as a spare synthetic pillow is accommodating for anybody with asthma who could have a serious allergic reaction to feather-filled pillows.

Invest in good pillows, duvet and mattress

More important than the bedclothes, good quality pillows, a duvet and a mattress promote a good night’s sleep. Prioritise investing in new essentials instead of opting for neglected and outdated pieces.

Remove clutter

Nobody likes being surrounded by somebody else’s clutter. It is unnecessary, gathers dust and creates an uncomfortable ambience. A clear room appears cleaner and will ensure your guests feel at ease with their surroundings.

Ensure hanging space

It is thoughtful to provide hanging space for your guests – some people are okay living out of their suitcases, however it is nice to give your guests the opportunity to make themselves at home.

Full-length mirror

Who doesn’t like to see their entire outfit before leaving the house?

Attention to detail

It’s nice to provide guests with a few essentials during their stay. Fundamental items like toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner and soap are a thoughtful addition to the bathroom. Other  supplies like a hairdryer, spare phone charger, tissues and even a carafe of fresh water are also a nice touch.

Room fragrance

Both the glow and fragrance of a scented candle helps to compose a relaxing ambience. A fresh bunch of flowers is also a great addition, helping to welcome guests into your home.

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