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Preparing your garden for Spring

With glimpses of sunshine and longer days finally arriving following a long Winter, it’s time to start pruning the garden in time for Summer.

In anticipation of National Gardening Week which starts at the end of the month, we thought we’d pass on a few hints and tips for re-awakening your garden in time for a summer of sunshine!

    • The winter can be a harsh few months on the garden, so the first port of call should be a Spring Clean. Just as you would with a Spring clean of the house, use the opportunity to clean and tidy the garden so it is ready to be spruced up with the new bulbs and flowers. Clear away any debris, sweep away the leaves, cut back overgrown and broken branches and fix your fencing and trellis.
    • Start composting – the soil needs the best nutrients possible, so be sure to start composting food waste to keep your soil in top condition over the summer. Adding mulch to the top soil will help towards avoiding re-growth of weeds and aerating the lawn will help spring some life back into grass.
    • Create a veg patch – there’s nothing tastier than home grown fruit and veg, and the Spring is the best time to prepare a vegetable patch ready for your home grown produce. Locate your allotment patch in an area with good sunlight and shelter from the wind, clear any weeds from the soil and check the soil type itself. Is it naturally dry or chalky? Maybe there’s not great drainage and your soil is overly wet – this will help determine the types of fruit and veg that will grow best. For runner beans, broad beans and tomatoes, insert some bamboo branches or trellis ready for them to trail as they grow.
    • Plant apples, strawberries, raspberries directly into vegetable patches, and sow your cucumber, peas, carrots and pepper seeds under cover ready to plant out in a month or so.
    • With the reduced risk of frosty evenings, most plants can start to be planted in the early Spring. March to May is the ideal time to plant up perennials such as Narcissus and Violas.
    • For some instant spring colour, pot up a container with some colour Primulas, along with a blue leaved grass such as Festucca Glauca and you have an instant uplift for the patio.

Happy Spring Gardening!

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