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Preparing your garden for spring

March is when you should be ‘digging out’ your gardening gloves and springing into action! With the first day of Spring being the 20th March and it being National Garden Month it really is the best time to start showing some extra care to your sanctuary.

Start by preparing your garden, such as paint touch ups across your fence, removing any weeds, replacing or fixing any plant pots and giving your garden furniture a refresh. Next, it’s time to give your plants and shrubs a little TLC. Prune away any dead or damaged branches to promote healthy growth. Shape your plants as needed to encourage a balanced and aesthetically pleasing garden landscape.

Next is planning your spring plantings! Consider which flowers or vegetables you’d like to add to your garden this year. Take into account factors such as sunlight and climate suitability when choosing your plants. Plan exactly where you would like to plant them to ensure proper spacing and arrangement for growth.

Finally, don’t forget to add personal touches to your garden to make it feel like your own. Consider adding decorative elements such as garden art, bird feeders, and garden furniture where you can relax and enjoy your hard work and the beauty of your outdoor space.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a perfect garden for a summer full of garden parties and relaxing evenings. Embrace the season and your garden will be bursting with colour, beautiful scents and energy. Happy gardening!

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