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New Homes vs Old Homes

Brand new homes offer a number of very significant advantages over older homes. There is nothing quite like buying something brand new, especially when it comes to a home. There is something hugely satisfying about living in a home that no one else has lived in – being the first the take a shower/bath, sleep in the bedroom , use the kitchen and to be able to stamp your identity on it. It’s the perfect blank canvas to start your new life in. The benefits of buying a brand new home include:

  • New Homes are highly energy efficient and so have far lower running costs than older homes
  • Personalise your new home – More often than not buyers are able to select their own kitchen units, worktops and wall tiles from the modern and varied range offered by the new home developer.
  • Buyers can also request a number of extras ( Non structural )  to their new home from a select list of extras available via the sales centre
  • Brand new kitchen appliances are included – ask our Sales Negotiator for details of what appliances come as standard on your home
  • All Llanmoor Homes are sold with the benefit and reassurance of a Ten Year NHBC Buildmark New Build Warranty
  • Many of our home designs include open plan kitchen / dining areas for the modern family lifestyle

energy efficiency

Being kinder to the environment

New Build homes are built to much higher standards and with ever rising energy costs, energy efficiency is an important aspect to consider when buying a new home. Overall, new build homes are far cheaper to run and will dramatically lower your households carbon footprint. According to the Zero Carbon Hub, “Living in a new home could create annual savings of up to 55% compared with an older property”

Our energy efficient homes will save you money

Llanmoor Homes build efficient new homes with the use of state of the art products to ensure we save you money each year;

Efficient Heating Boilers

All homes are fitted with Central Heating boilers with an ‘A’ Energy rating. The boiler is at least 90% energy efficient. These boilers have time & temperature controls as well as Thermostatic Radiator valves as standard to give very specific control over home your home can be heated.


Plenty of insulation

Floors, Cavity Walls and roof spaces are installed with high levels of insulation to ensure your home stays warm and welcoming.

Air tight protection

A large amount of heat is lost in an old home through small un-noticed holes poorly fitted doors and windows, which create cold drafts. To ensure that high build standards are achieved and maintained, Llanmoor homes are randomly air tested to ensure that they are air tight ensuring precious heat is not lost.

Double glazing throughout

All windows and external doors are double glazed with Ultra Low ‘E’ energy efficient glass.

Superfast Broadband

All of our new homes are now provided with the facility for connection to superfast broadband connection


Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Every Llanmoor Home (except at Hawtin Meadows, Blackwood) is fitted as standard with a Domestic Fire Sprinkler system for the occupiers safety in addition to the smoke detectors. These safety measures are not fitted as standard to older homes and are provided to ensure the protection of people primarily and secondly protection of property.


Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting in the home is energy efficient.

Water saving fixtures

Toilets, Bathrooms and en suites are fitted with water efficient taps and WC’s. These fittings are designed to help save water without compromising performance.

EPC of B as standard

Every new home is given an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This shows how energy efficient the property is on a scale of A-G, similar to that displayed on many household goods. Llanmoor homes are generally ‘B’ rated energy efficient. The EPC also gives advice on how you can improve your already excellent efficiency, such as installing Solar panels and how much this will improve your homes efficiency and reduce your bills.

Efficient appliances as standard

All kitchens are fitted with appliances that are at least ‘A’ rated energy efficient.

Smart metering installed

Most Llanmoor homes are fitted with smart metering to help you understand how energy efficient you are and how you can maybe save energy and reduce your bills. 

Whilst some of the developments have both smart electric and gas metering, this does not apply to all developments as yet. However, electricity meters are always smart metered.

Award winning quality

Our build quality is second to none – find our more about our award wins that really prove it

personalised home

Make your mark

Buying a new home gives you a great opportunity to stamp your own individual mark on a blank canvas. Having a brand new home opens the door to so much opportunity. Working with Llanmoor prior to move in, you can create a space that you will love forever by adding chargeable extras to your purchase. Choose carpets and internal fittings and have it all in place before you move in – the perfect home!

Contact our Sales Negotiator for details of all finishing touches items.

Ready to style

You will be guaranteed to love your new home as it will be styled by you! Customise your home before you move in and bask in it’s glory on move in day! Contact your Sales Negotiator to find out more.

Personalised to you

Just like buying a new car there is nothing better than the freshness of a new home, untouched by anyone else, with your own personal choices installed from our wide range of colour choices and chargeable extras from kitchens and bathrooms to flooring and tiling. All available via your Sales Negotiator.

Safe & Secure

New homes are built to the highest standards of safety from the gas and electrical installations, smoke detectors, fire resistant materials to the safety glass and door and window locks. Modern locks mean cheaper home insurance.

Save money & the planet

New homes are much more eco friendly and are up to four times more energy efficient than older properties. We install energy saving central heating boilers, equipment and insulation, giving you smaller bills and carbon footprint.

Peace of mind

Our homes are protected by the National House-Building Council’s (NHBC) 10 year Buildmark warranty and insurance. The leading warranty and insurance provider is the standard setting body carrying out inspections at various stages throughout construction.

Low maintenance

With the latest materials used from UPVC windows and doors to the treated joists, roof timbers and tiles, short and long term maintenance is much less than in older properties. Move in knowing your new build will last with far less maintenance needs.

Award winning

Llanmoor win awards year after year for our high quality build and personal service. As a Welsh private SME New Home developer, you are in safe hands with us – we will rest at nothing to find your perfect home in the right location, with all of the right features.

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