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New builds in Wales to save homeowners over £3k on annual energy costs

The property market can be complex, but at Llanmoor Homes, we like to keep things simple. As a leading independent housebuilder in South Wales, we champion the benefits of stylish, modern new-build properties in the local area and work closely with Local Authorities and Welsh Government Planning and Building Control departments to seek to ensure that our homes comply with the relevant build specifications and energy efficiency standards.

But why should you choose a new build? Read on for information about how a new build property could reduce your bills, improve your energy efficiency and even help you enjoy the latest in-home tech before everyone else…

The benefits of buying a new build home in Wales

Buying a new build can be cost-effective from the very start, with the average new build property costing 63% less than its older counterpart. This is great news for budget-conscious buyers during the cost-of-living crisis and opens up home buying for people who may otherwise feel priced out of the market.

Due to an older housing stock, the financial benefits of buying a new build home in Wales are even greater with buyers of new build properties in Wales set to save an average of £2,800 a year on energy bills from 1 April 2023. These savings increase further for new build homes, as opposed to flats or bungalows, reaching over £3,300 a year.

This lower price tag certainly doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Instead, new builds from Llanmoor Homes are forever looking to the future, using the latest building techniques to keep homeowners safe and secure.

We future-proof our properties to ensure tasks like replacing the boiler are much simpler and alternative means of heating are more widely accessible. Our four-bedroom show home at Parc Tondu introduces the trial of an air source heat pump, solar PV heating and hot water installation to see what the future will bring to new home buyers.

Greater energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another area where new build properties surpass the competition. Llanmoor Homes are rated B, placing us in the top 37% of homes in Wales that are rated C or above for energy efficiency.

The age of a property is strongly linked to how energy efficient it is, with many older homes unable to reach the highest levels of eco-friendliness,  with just 4% of existing dwellings reaching the same standard.

This means higher bills for owners of older homes, and lower bills for those who choose to purchase a new build. It’s been estimated that a new build property could save homeowners an average of £500 per year (HBF 2020), a sum which can be spent on making memories or covering the cost-of-living essentials.

A more recent study from this year suggests that homeowners could now save as much as £3,100 in annual energy bills by buying a new build when the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) cap increases on 1 April 2023.

New build properties are good for the planet, too – producing 2.4 tonnes of Carbon less than older properties. That’s over two-thirds less than an old property. In Wales, new build properties are reducing annual carbon emissions by over 20,000 tonnes!

Neil Jefferson, Managing Director of HBF said, “Energy efficient new homes are saving owners thousands of pounds a year in running costs. In the face of mounting pressures on households across the country, the energy performance of a home is an increasing motivator for consumers considering a new home purchase.”So it’s certain, buying a new home can save you money whilst being kinder to the environment. For more information about our active and upcoming developments visit: https://www.llanmoor-homes.com/ to find out more.

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