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National Baby Safety Month

We’re aware that many Llanmoor Homes customers are looking to start or expand their own family, so with that in mind and it being #NationalBabySafetyMonth, here are a few top tips to help prevent accidents at home…

    • Have safety gates at the top and bottom of your stairs. This is a must have for when your toddler begins to walk. All toddlers love to explore but it’s important to make sure they don’t take a dangerous tumble.
    • Use electrical tape to stick down any loose wires. It’s easy to tumble when you’re still wobbly on your feet so stick or tuck back any loose wires to ensure your baby isn’t at risk of tripping over.
    • Cover radiators and heating vents. Young children’s skin isn’t as resilient as adults so it’s important to keep an eye out when they’re near radiators. Alternatively, turn your hot water or heating down which will also help you save some pennies.
    • Cover sharp corners and edges with cushioned covers. Toddlers are often at the height of tables and chairs so it’s a good idea to smooth down or cover up sharp edges.
    • Keep any ornaments and fragile objects out of reach. Make sure you clear all window sills where babies can climb up and grab things. Another good idea is to check that all pictures and shelves are fixed to walls securely to avoid any potential bumps on the head.
    • Move all harmful products to high shelves or lock them in a cabinet. Young children love to explore but it’s important to keep all toxic products hidden away. Out of sight out of mind!
    • Consider purchasing a toy box. To avoid mess and the likelihood of falls, place all your child’s toys in a safe box. Keeping their room clean and tidy will cause you less stress and prevent unwanted accidents.

With over 50 years of experience and customer satisfaction, we at Llanmoor Homes take the upmost care in securing the safety of all our residents. We hope these few safety top tips help all homeowners maintain a safe and sound home 

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