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Mortgage Rates – The perfect time to buy

Bank of England Base Rate to stay the same – Mortgage Swap Rates are down.

Positive News for privately owned housebuilder – Llanmoor Homes. We may have seen the market taking two steps backwards in recent months, but the latest figures suggest it has now taken one step forwards, with buyer confidence starting to grow once again. This confidence has been seen as the Bank of England lets the market stabilise by not increasing the Base Rate and leaving it at 5.25%.

There are many buyers who have the affordability and the need to move now. Buyers are either tired of waiting or deciding if now is a good time to buy, with rates slightly lower than recent times why would you not see this as the perfect time whilst there is availability, this will also maintain the current price levels. We are still completing reservations and have seen a definite increase in people not only looking but also buying.

We still find that First Time Buyers are sometimes unaware of what they can afford and need help to understand the difference between Base Rate and Mortgage Rates. The Base Rate is not how the lenders determine borrowing, this is worked out on the Swap Rates and these are lower and have been steadily reducing over the last few months with some great deals on the 2,3 & 5 Year Fixed Mortgages.

Don’t miss out on the home you might have your heart set on. Get your finances checked and see what your affordability really is, it could surprise you.

Contact Llanmoor Homes today for Availability across our developments or speak to one of our Panel IFA’s it wont cost you a penny to find out if your dream home is closer than you think.

Now is the perfect time to seize this incredible opportunity and take the first steps to owning your Dream Llanmoor Home. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the vibrant Llanmoor Community.

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