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Getting your home ready for Christmas

Bringing Christmas magic into your home is important to every family. We’ve put together tips on how best to prepare your home and family for a special Christmas period. We think being organised ahead of time is key to a perfect, stress-free festive season.

Declutter key areas of your home

No matter how tidy we are, it’s very easy to pick up the habit of cluttering a designated space of your home without meaning to. Ahead of the Christmas family visiting season have a declutter. Focus on the rooms you spend most of your time in. Clear out things you no longer need or love. If toys are taking over your living area why not sort through them ahead of Santa’s visit and donate old or unused toys to a charity shop?

Christmas crafts

Why not save money by creating some of your decorations such as table name placements, wreaths, and table centrepieces? This also makes your décor more personal and gives it that extra special meaning to your family. We’ve attached a link below to a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own wreath

Find out how to make your own wreath

Collect old jam jars, a wonderful opportunity to create your own candle holders. These can then be painted by the whole family, choose colours that will go perfectly with your Christmas décor.

Why not make your own advent calendar for a special someone using all the things you know they love from chocolates, sweets, candles, and jewellery – the list is endless. This is a much more meaningful way to countdown the days until Christmas.

Christmas décor

Introduce Wood Element decorations such as wood garlands, table coasters, tree wicker skirt, baubles, table centrepieces, and wreaths. These wooden features add a sense of warmth to your home and give your home a cosy feel and what better time to feel cosy than at Christmas? Bringing the outside inside your home. These ideas also intertwine with the Christmas crafts as many of the above decorations could be handmade even with help from the kids, collecting pinecones to add to your wreaths.

The increasingly popular Scandinavian ceramic tea light houses joined with the ceramic Christmas trees work perfectly together in the evening lighting up the living room mantlepiece and creating a beautiful addition to any Christmas display.

Dried flower arrangements are becoming more and more popular and we can see why. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance, saving money and time. Perfect for all seasons, you could choose a flower arrangement that has seasonal colours to create a true focal point for a living area.

Decide on a Christmas theme or colour scheme, you can research online for inspiration or even create a Pinterest board.

Christmas Baking

Why not get in the Christmas spirit by baking your favourite Christmas treats, this will also fill your home with a delicious Christmas smell and creates those special family moments. Bake your own Gingerbread men or if you’re feeling confident a gingerbread House to display in your kitchen or dining area, bake festive cookies and display them on a decorative plate for guests to enjoy.

Creating a special Christmas tree

We all know that the Christmas tree is the main priority when it comes to Christmas decorations, it isn’t Christmas without a family Christmas tree. We think a special Christmas tree needs 4 things, meaningful baubles that are personal to your family, you can find many baubles online that you’re able to personalize whether it be your first Christmas in your home, you can get baubles specific to those special occasions. Subtle lights to give your Christmas tree that cosy feel. A colour scheme, we think a tree looks its best when it has a colour scheme that compliments you however this is a personal preference. And last but not least a star or an angel to top your tree, which always makes for a special family moment when your Angel is popped on the very top.

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