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Ready to Move Home

Before you read on, remember to keep the kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, milk and biscuits out - moving home is very thirsty work!

Pack - items that are not used often such as seasonal clothes, old DVDs, books, and occasional kitchen items. Mark each box with the room which you would like it to end up in.

Inform - let companies, family and friends know of your new change of address.

Land and mobile phones - arrange the date you wish your new number to operate from. Or give notice to your current service provider if you are no longer going to use them.

Mail - contact the Post Office to redirect your mail.

Bank - you may want to consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home.

Credit / Store cards – fill out the change of address form on your statements.

Schools - inform present school the date your child will be leaving and the new school the date when they will be beginning.

Inland Revenue - notify them of your change of details and remember to have your reference number with you when you do so.

Insurances - for your life, motor, medical, pets and contents will need to be informed.

Pension schemes - will need to be informed.

Council tax - notify the authorities in both your current area and the area you are moving to.

Pets - you may want to book them into kennels/cattery. You will also need to notify your current vet of your change of details and if necessary, have records transferred to the new vet.

TV Licence - remember to transfer it to your new address

Utility services - you need to register your change of details with your gas, electricity and water providers.

Subscriptions - such as to magazines will need to be notified.

Newspapers / Milk - accounts need to be settled and then canceled.

Fridges / Freezers - empty, defrost and dry them out ready for removal.

Valuables / Documents - ensure that they are put in a safe place.

Dismantle and disconnect - bulky furniture and electrical items.

Outside items - try to keep them dry ready for removal.

Doctor, Dentist and opticians - you may need to deregister with your current ones and register with ones in your new area.