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Llanmoor raise money for Tenovus’ ‘Closer to Home’ appeal

Family-run housebuilder, Llanmoor Homes, has for the past year been inviting customers and members of the public to join them in supporting the Tenovus Cancer Care ‘Closer to Home’ appeal.,

Llanmoor Homes helped Tenvous Cancer Care raise £1 million to design, build and equip their third state-of-the-art mobile support unit which will offer vital treatments to patients outside of the hospital environment.,

Mobile support units deliver treatment in local communities and make a huge difference to cancer patients and their loved ones. With demand for treatment at an all time high, another unit is urgently needed to expand the service.,

For every completed sale between February 2017-18, Llanmoor Homes donated £100 to the ‘Closer to Home’ appeal and following Llanmoor’s year-end, the company has donated an impressive £18,400.,

In addition to Llanmoor’s main initiative, the housebuilder placed collection buckets and donation forms in all of their site and sales offices and rallied site managers and sales negotiators to encourage contractors and customers to give generously.,

Llanmoor Homes also reached out to suppliers and business contacts to encourage them to take part in the appeal, all of which made incredibly generous donations and helped Llanmoor donate over and above their targeted amount.,

Tim Grey, Sales Director of Llanmoor Homes, said: “Tenovus Cancer Care’s mobile support units offer an incredible alternative to receiving cancer treatment in hospitals for those who desperately need it. Across the business, we are extremely passionate about supporting Tenovus Cancer Care and felt that by focussing our energy on the ‘Close to Home’ campaign, we could make a real positive difference in our surrounding communities.”,

Lisa Buckley, Head of Individual Giving at Tenovus Cancer Care, said: “We are extremely grateful to everybody at Llanmoor Homes for supporting our ‘Closer to Home’ campaign. They have shown great commitment throughout the campaign, both financially and in terms of their time.,

“Our mobile support units enable us to provide treatment to cancer patients in their own communities, saving them the time and cost involved in travelling to their nearest treatment centre, which could be some distance from their homes.,

“Our units go to different locations each day and take cancer treatment and support to the heart of communities. We set up in local car parks, supermarkets and community venues and see fewer patients, offering a less overwhelming, less stressful and altogether quieter experience. The service we are able to offer through the mobile support units is invaluable and businesses like Llanmoor Homes are making a huge difference to individuals and their families at an incredibly difficult time, by supporting the campaign.”

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