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Interior design trends for summer 2016

The sun has finally taken his hat off and what better way to celebrate than to revamp your house and bring it back to life! This summer 2016 we’re going back to our retro roots and adding a bit of funk to your furniture.

Bold brash colours

It’s out with the pastels and in with a burst of colour. Try painting one block wall a bright colour or if you’d like to be a bit more subtle add a few bold cushions. Colour blocking needn’t be garish if you keep it simple!

Statement mirrors

If in doubt… buy a statement mirror! Not only will the mirror make the room look more spacious, it’s a very easy way off adding a bit of excitement to a toned down space. Choose different shapes depending on your taste and transform the room in a matter of seconds.

Return of Rattan

To give your home the ultimate summer feel, why not bring back rattan? The material is made from raffia palm leaves and looks great outdoors as garden furniture or as an addition to a stripped back rustic room.

Marble accessories

To cool down this summer, add a bit of chilled marble to your house. Instead of splashing all your cash on a marble worktop why not try purchasing a few items such as a wall clock or coasters to bring the place together.

Clashing patterns and materials

It’s time to mix it up and be a bit daring; things don’t always have to match! By picking two different prints or materials that share a similar colour your house can instantly give off a fun and lively feel. If you prefer a less busy look try breaking the pattern up with a neutral colour.

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