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Inside our energy-efficient new homes

Thick floor, wall and loft insulation, A-rated kitchen appliances, and stellar EPC ratings. With a host of energy-saving features, buying a new build Llanmoor home will help you protect the environment whilst saving money.

Let’s discover the benefits of buying new…

Is a new home more energy efficient?

According to the ONS, the age of a property is the biggest factor in the energy efficiency of a home. 

For starters, new homes can save you up to 55% compared to older Victorian homes, leaving homeowners with one less thing to worry about. From better insulation to more efficient appliances, new build properties offer a range of benefits keeping your energy costs low.

All homes get an EPC rating, showing prospective buyers just how much energy they use and how much it’s likely to cost them to run it. Only 37% of homes in Wales have an EPC rating of C or higher, whereas all of our Llanmoor homes have an EPC band B energy rating at least. 

“The quality of work that a Llanmoor home provides is exceptional. There is a massive difference in contrast with other new homes we have seen.”

Jeffery and Janet Thomas
Pictured: Jeffrey and Janet Thomas in front of their Llanmoor Home.

New build homes have 64% lower emissions compared to an older property. They also emit 2.4 tonnes less carbon emissions per year, and use 2.5 times less energy. 

How efficient is a Llanmoor Home?

Every new Llanmoor home features a number of energy-saving features including 450mm of loft insulation and double-glazed windows with Argon gas filling to allow heat in whilst minimising the energy loss. 

Plus, our properties also come with efficient water features using 30% less water than an older home, and energy-efficient kitchen appliances with a rating of A or higher. 

Pictured: Inside the kitchen of a Llanmoor Home.

When you buy with Llanmoor Homes you are guaranteed time and temperature heating controls, enabling you to adjust your heating and hot water requirements to whatever you might need.

Pictured: Llanmoor Homes’ first solar install using Marley solar tiles.

Alternative solutions are becoming the norm

By 2025 gas heating in all-new build homes is set to come to an end according to Zoopla. This has meant alternative heating solutions are becoming increasingly common, including heat pumps, heat networks, hydrogen boilers, and electric radiators. 

“By 2024, although gas heating will be available, all new homes will be futureproofed to take alternative means of heating. This means that replacing gas boilers in the future will be made much easier. Future homes will have the possibility of air source heat pumps and solar panels. At Llanmoor Homes, we are looking to trial these new technologies in our show home at Parc Tondu.”

Matthew Gray of Llanmoor Homes

How much money can I save buying new?

According to research by Unlatch, new homeowners could save up to £800 a year. Since the increase in energy costs, the average existing household pays £1,457 per year in energy costs compared to a new build averaging £713. That means you’re cutting your bills in half! 

In Wales, new-build homes are £804 cheaper when it comes to energy costs, experiencing even more cost efficiency than other areas across the UK. This makes buying a new build in Wales makes a lot of sense. 

Pictured: Inside the lounge area of a Llanmoor Home

At Llanmoor Homes, we specialise in bringing energy-efficient, family-friendly homes in great locations to families across South Wales. Our current developments are located in Bridgend, Blackwood, Aberbargoed, and Bedwas, with hopes to commence building in Llangyfelach, Swansea soon. .

Why are energy costs rising?

The whole of the UK is currently experiencing an unprecedented rise in energy bills, leaving many with worries about how they will cover the costs. 

At the beginning of April this year, the price cap for a typical household rose from £1,277 to £1,971 according to the BBC, with Ofgem expecting the cap to rise to around £2,800 from October. 

“Strong competition from rebounding global economies for gas could maintain upward pressure on prices” in the future according to British Gas. 

So it’s certain, buying a new home can save you money whilst being kinder to the environment. If you’d like to check out the new home styles we offer, visit our website. Our sales centres and show homes are open 10:30am-5pm Thursday-Sunday if you’d like to look around. Using our virtual tours, you can explore our homes as if you are there in person.

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