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Indoor Halloween games for kids

The trick-or-treating has been completed for another year, your children have returned home full of excitement (and sugar) and somehow you need to wear them out before bed time. Fear not –these Halloween games are the perfect solution and are fun for adults too!

1. A great game to kick start the party is ‘mummy wrapping’. Split the children and the grown-ups in to teams of three. Choose one person to be the ‘mummy’ and the other two are the mummy wrappers. On the signal each team must wrap their ‘mummy’ from head to toe leaving no clothing uncovered. The first to complete their ‘mummy’ wins!

2. A slightly more messy, but spook-tacular game is ‘prize bucket of guts’! Fill a large tub-type container with something slimy such as cooked pasta or jelly. Bury small prizes in the slimy mixture, dim the lights so the kids can’t see inside the container, blindfold the players and let the fun begin.

3. The ‘zombie game’ is a rib tickler for both participants and spectators. One person is ‘IT’ and the others must sit or lay as motionless and expressionless zombies. The person who is ‘IT’ must do whatever they can to make the zombies smile, giggle, or wiggle in any way without touching them. When ‘IT’ gets a zombie to move or laugh, that zombie then joins ‘IT’ in trying to get others to do the same. The last zombie wins!

4. For those who are looking for something that little bit more creative, ‘ghost bowling’ is a great shout. Buy 6-9 white plastic cups (these will be your bowling pins), draw on ghost faces and place to one side. Next, grab yourself an orange or tangerine (this will act as your mini pumpkin bowling ball) then let the games commence!

5. And finally why not finish the night on a classic -‘apple bobbing’. Find a suitable tub, fill the bucket with water and add several apples. Each player must try to grab an apple with their teeth – the person with the quickest time is a winner. Select the first player, remind everyone to put their hands behind their back

Happy Halloween from all of us at Llanmoor Homes!

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