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How to transform a room in under a day!

Ever wanted to redecorate a room, but been put off at the thought of it taking up your whole weekend? With these quick and easy steps you could see your room transform from bright to dark, modern to classic and cosy to spacious in a matter of hours!

    • Mix and match your bedding. Switching up your bed sheets is a super easy way of making your room look instantly different. Clashing patterns and colours are on trend this 2016, so start mixing it up!
    • Change the colour of your walls. Add a splash of new colour to your room by repainting the walls. Alternatively buy strips of wallpaper to make one statement wall. Have some fun with it and don’t be scared to experiment.
    • Buy bold cushions. If you think redecorating the walls of your room is a little too drastic, try purchasing a few bold coloured cushions to place on your bed or sofas. It’s simple but definitely does the trick!
    • Paint an inexpensive bit of furniture. Whether it your chairs, your shelves or your desk, painting any piece of furniture can make it look like a brand new product. White is often a nice neutral colour that compliments all types of shades.
    • Dress up your hallways. Lead the way with your choice of a stylish rug or runner. It’s a handy way of revamping your room if you’re worried about committing to anything too permanent.,
    • Cover your walls with pictures. Decorate your house by creating your very own picture wall. It’s a great way of jazzing up a room and displaying some of your favourite memories and art pieces.
    • Rearrange your furniture. Swap around your tables, chairs, bedside tables and television sets to create a whole new feel. Who knows, your new layout could be better than the one you’ve had for years!
    • Add a statement tablecloth. Why not be a little bit out there and buy the quirkiest tablecloth you can find. Similarly to buying bold cushions, this trick can transform a dull plain room in seconds.

Now you’ve read through just a few ideas, what’s stopping you? Take off your gladrags and put on your sweats because it’s time to tick off that decorating check list!

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