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How to throw the perfect Six Nations party

With the Six Nations drawing to a close, what better way to celebrate than a party?

Here at Llanmoor Homes we know that throwing a party can be stressful and sometimes seem not worth the hassle. However, if you know what not to do (and what not to do) you’ll find that hosting a party is a breeze!

First of all, perfect that guest list! Invite all your closest friends, family and neighbours! Get everyone together to support the nation and have some fun.

Next is your food. There are two options here – you can either prepare a nice big pot of your favorite curry and let your guests help themselves, or you can create a spread of finger food that is sure to be a hit.

Drinks are next on your check list. For the little ones you can knock up a sugar free punch and for the adults some cold beers and wine won’t fail to hit the spot.

Everyone wants to show their friends and family how proud they are of their home, so turn it up a notch by decorating it some fresh daffodils. As an extra patriotic touch, you could even use a Welsh flag as your buffet table cover!

Entertainment is a must at any party. A fun way to make the match a little bit more interesting is to have everybody place a bet on the final score. Collect a pound from everyone who places a bet and donate it to a local charity!

Make your guests aware that there is a strict dress code at your party – everybody must wear their Welsh shirts! Daffodil hats are optional but would be preferred.

All that is left to do now is to enjoy your party! Make sure everyone has a drink in hand, and most importantly don’t forget the time of kick off!

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