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How to save money on your bills this winter

With winter in full swing and summer a thing of the past, it’s important to keep track of your outgoings so your bills don’t go through the roof. Because at Llanmoor Homes we understand that every penny counts, we’ve created a short list on how to save money on your bills this winter…

    • Use energy efficient appliances. Most home appliances come with energy efficiency ratings (A-G) so make sure you’re buying the closest to ‘A’ you can find! Energy efficient light bulbs are as cheap as chips so there really is no excuse!
    •  Turn down your thermostat. It’s not unusual to forget to turn down your heating, so buying a programmable thermostat may be the answer! If you can pluck up the courage to turn down your thermostat by one degree, you could end up saving around £65 a year on heating costs.
    • Don’t leave TVs, radios or computers on standby. So many households waste money by leaving their appliances on standby instead of turning them off. Get your family into the habit and you won’t think twice before flicking the switch.
    • Check your shower power. Choosing to shower instead of bath will save you loads of money on hot water. Similarly, turning your shower power to economic or buying an economic shower head is a great way of saving back the pennies.
    • Draw the curtains when it gets dark. This top tip may seem obvious, but drawing your curtains at night will insulate your room (as well as making it appear nice and cosy!). The thicker the curtains, the better they will insulate.
    • Compare energy suppliers and consider having a fixed tariff. With websites such as, comparing energy suppliers is now quick and simple. If you haven’t already, change to a fixed tariff so you’re exempt from price increases.
    • Give frequent meter readings. Providing frequent meter readings will prevent your energy suppliers making outrageous predictions and ensure you receive accurate charges.
    • Insulate your tanks and pipes. Although floor, roof and wall insulation is often expensive, buying a British Standard Approved jacket for your hot water tanks and pipes is relatively cheap at around £15.
    • Check windows and doors for draughts. Walk around your house checking for areas that may let in draughts. If you find any make sure to seal them up so you don’t get cold air coming in.

At Llanmoor Homes we offer every home owner the very best of build quality and high levels of service with over 50 years of experience. We build to the highest standards possible and aim to provide you the best possible advice, giving you complete piece of mind.

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