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How to prepare your Llanmoor home for the British Summer

It’s a known fact that we don’t always get the most sweltering of summers here in South Wales. Regardless, we Brits still love a Great British Summer and nothing beats wide open patio doors, late nights and garden parties galore. We may not be bathing in the Florida sun seven days a week, but here are a few tips to get your home ready for the upcoming summer months and prepared for that one inevitable heat-wave:

1. Give things a tidy-up

All we want to do when the temperatures start rising is sit in the back garden and soak up as much of the sun as possible. Though, it’s probably been a while since it’s had a little TLC. All those April showers have encouraged a bit of a growth spurt and things probably need a good trim and tidy-up. Bite the bullet and give the lawn a cut on a nice, bright day and the scent of freshly cut grass will truly get you in the summer spirit.

2. Take a Trip to the Garden Centre

A vibrant garden is an essential for any proud, green-fingered house-owner. A trip to the local garden centre can be a nice day out regardless, but it’s also the chance to invest in some seasonal bedding plants to give your garden a bit of a spruce up, if you haven’t already.  There’s a whole variety of garden centres in South Wales; some of the most well-known include Pugh’s in North Cardiff and Caerphilly Garden Centre.


Caerphilly Garden Centre:

3. Good Garden Furniture

If you’ve spent all this time and effort getting your garden primed, you want a good, comfortable set of table and chairs to enjoy it on. Places like The Range and Homebase offer a good variety of products at reasonable prices. For cheaper alternatives which still retain good quality, perhaps look to places such as Wilko or Argos.

4. If you have children…

To keep the kids entertained during their time off school, it’s probably worth investing in some fun play equipment such as a paddling pool, slip ‘n’ slide, swing ball and those sorts of things.

5. Be Barbeque Ready

Now the gardens primed and ready, it’s finding things to actually do in it. One thing everyone loves is a good BBQ. It’s a once in a blue moon occasion and a true signifier of summer. And if regular entertaining isn’t your thing and you just fancy a little last minute BBQ with the family, the disposable ones you can buy from the supermarket are a brilliant and affordable solution.

6. Ditch the blankets and firewood

Make the most out of your available living space and swap all your cosy winter accessories for house plants in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom to keep things smelling and looking summer-fresh. Just changing the little things can completely transform the feel of a room and match all those seasonal aesthetics. And, less clutter means less to dust and clean when all you want to do is lounge around.

7. Have a wardrobe sort out

Your woolly polar neck jumpers and knee-high boots aren’t likely to be used much over the summer months. Take an afternoon to blitz through everyone’s closets and put all your best winter ware into storage boxes and all the things you haven’t worn in the last five years straight into the charity bag!

8. Get some insect repellent

With open doors and windows, the insects are sure to make an appearance at some point. Wasps, ants and midges are likely to be the most frequent visitors. Whilst more irritating than harmful, it might still be worth investing in some artificial repellent. Alternatively, simply adhere to the many tips and tricks available online that will maximise the chances of keeping the critters at bay to begin with, such as ensuring your house is properly sealed, disposing of unwanted food, closing rubbish bin lids and avoiding vegetation patches in your garden.

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9. Keep the air flowing

Create a cool and bright homely environment by keeping windows and doors open in the evening to maintain airflow and flush out any hot air. If natural ventilation isn’t enough then simply place a couple of portable fans around the house, but be weary of keeping them on for extended periods of time because they do guzzle up electricity.

10. Prevent any potential water damage

Summers are notorious for sudden and unexpected downpours of rain and thunderstorms. It may not seem like it, but summer is the perfect time to check your roof, guttering and windows for any cracks as regular checks could potentially save you some money in the long run.

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