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How the Homebuy Scheme Changed Kathryn’s Life and Made Owning a Home Possible

Since 2016, Llanmoor Homes has collaborated with Pobl as part of their ongoing contribution to providing affordable housing in South Wales, delivering a significant number of brand new homes to date at our Hawtin Meadows development . 

The delivery of affordable social and low-cost home ownership properties on our developments provides much-needed homes for those who are otherwise unable to own or rent their own home. A combination of one, two, three & four bedroom homes have been provided at Hawtin Meadows, with each home featuring numerous energy efficiency features including the central heating system. Residents of every Llanmoor home benefit from an NHBC ten-year warranty and exceptional build quality for which the company has an enviable reputation. We continue to go to great lengths to build high-quality new homes for both open market and affordable sales. 

Kathryn’s Journey with Llanmoor Homes and Pobl Living

Caught in the rental trap for years, Kathryn faced the daunting prospect of finding a new home when her landlord decided to sell the property she was living in. Unable to afford to buy a house outright, Kathryn started exploring mortgage options. Fortunately, a recommendation from her mother led her to discover the perfect affordable home by Llanmoor Homes through the Homebuy scheme offered by Pobl Living in partnership with Caerphilly County Borough Council. This shared equity scheme proved to be a lifeline for Kathryn. We caught up with Kathryn to hear about her experience with Llanmoor Homes…

A Dream Home at Hawtin Meadows

Struggling with high rental costs, Kathryn was desperately seeking an affordable solution in the Caerphilly area. Her mother suggested exploring the Homebuy scheme offered by Pobl Living, which immediately caught Kathryn’s interest. Having enquired previously with Pobl about any upcoming schemes, Kathryn felt incredibly fortunate when she came across the ideal home at precisely the right time.

Kathryn’s decision to choose Hawtin Meadows, a Llanmoor Homes development in Pontllanfraith, was driven by several factors, she explained, “The proximity to Cardiff and Caerphilly, with easy bus access to both locations, makes getting around a breeze. There is such a welcoming community atmosphere here. The convenience of nearby amenities, such as shopping in Blackwood and the presence of a nearby school, is also a huge benefit and I love the green walkway created by Llanmoor Homes, the development is situated in beautiful surroundings.” 

Llanmoor Homes have a selection of affordable homes at each of their developments and a home became available through Pobl Living when Kathryn needed it most. Alongside the Homebuy  scheme, Llanmoor also offer homes with the benefit of the recently extended Help to Buy Wales scheme for those looking to buy a new home up to the value of £300,000 and who have just a 5% deposit. This scheme has enabled over 13000 people to buy a new home since its introduction in 2014. 

Perfect Timing and A Hassle-Free Process

The Homebuy scheme allowed Kathryn to obtain a mortgage without additional rent payments. With 50% shared equity and the remaining 50% covered by a shared equity grant, the Homebuy scheme made homeownership more attainable. She describes the experience as ‘a lifeline’ that relieved her of the stress associated with finding a new home. 

“Jess and Laila guided me through the mortgage application process and went above and beyond to make it as straightforward as possible. The provided list of recommended mortgage advisors and independent financial advisors was so helpful. I was able to do everything online which made the whole process so much easier than I could have imagined.”

Beautiful Build Quality and Amazing Customer Care

The Llanmoor Homes customer care team promptly addressed and resolved any minor snagging issues before Kathryn moved in and Kathryn is delighted with the quality of her new build home. She added, “Mark, Customer Care Manager has been so reliable and has always been on hand to give valuable advice. Nothing is too much trouble. My experience with Llanmoor Homes and Pobl Living definitely exceeded my expectations. I can’t get over how large my garden is and can’t wait to put my own stamp on it! I also am relieved to have not had to consider the costs associated with renovating if I had purchased an older property.”

These properties were sold by Pobl Living as part of Caerphilly Council’s Low Cost Home Ownership Scheme which allows purchasers to buy 100% of a property for a percentage of its open market value. The homes at Hawtin Meadows were sold at between 50-70% of the value and the exact percentage bought was determined by a financial appraisal and was based on that purchaser’s individual circumstances.

Amanda Davies, Group Chief Executive of Pobl, said “We are delighted to be able to help Kathryn purchase her home at Hawtin Meadows through the Homebuy scheme. Pobl Group is committed to building the affordable and sustainable new homes that Wales needs, creating communities where people love to live. 

“Working in partnership with Llanmoor Homes and Caerphilly Council, it is fantastic to see the difference this is making to people’s lives during these challenging financial times.”

Kathryn concluded, “I recommend Llanmoor Homes to anyone seeking to purchase a new build home. I never expected to own a property in such an amazing location. I feel very proud of this fresh start I have created for myself and am excited to build a future with security and stability.”

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