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Happy Halloween!

Prepare for the annual return of tricks or treats, ghosts and ghouls and wicked witches with our top tips for a Spooktacular Halloween Party!

House Decorations!

Fancy dress costumes aside, the focal point of a Halloween party is the decorations! Transform your home into a spooky haunted house with these quick suggestions;

To welcome your guests, why not switch the Christmas Wreath Idea with a Halloween wreath made from black twine, and fill with spider’s webs and creepy crawlies.

Fill vases with black twine and decorate in a similar fashion to your wreath.

Hang cobwebs from the ceilings and door frames for an extra spooky feel.

Candle lanterns draped in cobwebs add to the atmosphere of the room and will be sure to give your guests the creeps!

A Frightening Feast!

No Halloween party would be complete without a devilishly good spread of food! So, to accompany your trick or treat sweets why not give these dishes a go;

The classic Halloween Pumpkin Pie – carve a work of art with your pumpkin and don’t waist the inside! Use it to bake a delicious Autumnal pumpkin pie.

Potato Skins with a devil dip (tomato sauce) and Salsa will be a sure hit!

Cheesy Broomsticks – use a pretzel or mini breadstick, and with a slice of cheese, cut some fringing before wrapping it around the bottom of the pretzel and tie with chives

Gingerbread mummies – ok, so it’s not quite Christmas, but why not crack open the box of gingerbread men early and melt some marshmallows to turn them into scary mummies!

Worm Jelly – make your jelly as you usually would but add in jelly worms before setting it in the fridge.

Party Games!

Halloween isn’t only about he trick or treat Whilst trick or treating and apple bobbing may be a given every Halloween, with a house full of excited children you’ll need a few more party games to keep them occupied!

Switch up the classic Bingo with a Halloween Themed version – swap the numbers for Halloween symbols and all shout “Dungeons!” instead of “House!”

Paper Pumpkin Piñata! The usual party attraction will be sure to excite your children taking the form of a pumpkin.

Wrap the mummy – This is one for everyone to join in with! The person who is quickest to wrap their partner in tissue roll wins!


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