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Ready to Move Home Guide

Before you read on, remember to keep the kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, milk and biscuits out – moving home is very thirsty work!

Pre move check list

Pre-move check list

Before you get moving into your lovely new Llanmoor Home, make sure you have covered the list of items off below. A lot of the time people forget those little things that can cause a lot of hassle later. Try your best to be prepared!


Inform people of your move

Let companies, family and friends know of your new change of address.

As you are moving into a brand new housing development you may find that some companies delivery address information does not currently list your full postal address and post code when you move in, especially if you are one of the first to move in. Street naming, numbering and post coding is approved between the Local Authority and the Post Office. The Post office will often only register the actual address of a new home onto their database upon its being occupied. Llanmoor advise the Post Office of each property that is occupied as soon as possible after you legally complete your purchase. Some delivery Companies do not use the latest Post office gazetteer information and so then can sometimes be issues with deliveries. Regrettably these issues are out of our control.

Landlines and Mobile Phones

Arrange the date you wish your new landline number to operate from. Or give notice to your current service provider if you are no longer going to use them. Make sure you also inform your mobile phone provider of your change of address.

Redirect Mail

Contact the Post Office to redirect your mail to make sure you do not miss any important letters or post upon your move.


You may want to consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home.

Credit / Store Cards

Fill out the change of address form on your statements.

Keep the Schools Updated

Inform present school the date your child will be leaving and the new school the date when they will be beginning.


Notify Inland Revenue

Notify them of your change of details and remember to have your reference number with you when you do so.


Update your insurance

Insurances for your life, motor, medical, pets and contents will need to be informed.


Update your pensions

Pension schemes will need to be informed of your change of address.


Council tax

Notify the authorities in both your current area and the area you are moving to so you can set up the appropriate payments and close down the ones at your old address.

Doctor, Dentist and opticians

You may need to deregister with your current ones and register with ones in your new area.

Get packing

Pack items that are not used often such as seasonal clothes, old DVDs, books, and occasional kitchen items. Mark each box with the room which you would like it to end up in.

Looking after your pets

You may want to book them into kennels/cattery. You will also need to notify your current vet of your change of details and if necessary, have records transferred to the new vet.

Update your TV Licence

Remember to transfer your TV licensing to your new address

Utility Services & Bills

You need to register your change of details with your gas, electricity and water providers.

Update regular postal subscriptions

Subscriptions such as those to magazines will need to be notified to ensure you still get your favourite reads.


Settle up any accounts

Newspapers / Milk – accounts need to be settled and then canceled.


Clear out Fridges / Freezers

Empty, defrost and dry them out ready for removal – Remember to leave your fridge freezer to settle once moved in before plugging back in.


Valuables / Documents

Ensure that they are put in a safe place where you can be sure you will not lose them.

Dismantle and disconnect

Dismantle and disconnect bulky furniture and electrical items.

Outside items

Try to keep them dry ready for removal.

All moved in?

See what to do to take care of your home once you move in

Taking care of your new home

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