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From new build sceptics to Llanmoor Homes lovers; Nadine and Daniel tell all about their Llanmoor experience

Nadine and Daniel are second-time Llanmoor Home owners who went from new build sceptics to new build lovers. The couple reserved their second Llanmoor Home in April earlier this year, and are hoping for an October completion. We spoke with them about their journey with us so far, from favourite house features to their new Llanmoor Home, and here’s what they had to say…

‘I’d heard so many horror stories about new builds’

When Nadine and Daniel started their house search, Nadine was reluctant to look at new builds after hearing so many horror stories. However, a new build was part of Daniel’s dream so Nadine agreed to visit some show homes. “We stumbled across Llanmoor Homes and their show homes were immaculate and I totally fell in love with the idea of a blank canvas”, said Nadine. 

After falling in love with Llanmoor Homes, the couple visited the sales centres weekly to check for availability and eventually our Sales Advisor, Lily, told them about a home that has recently gone onto the market. Nadine said, “We found out that the house type she’d given us the flyer for would be possible, and it was beyond our wildest dreams of what we expected our first home to be…On the following Sunday we signed our reservation paperwork and our first home dreams and more came true!”

Daniel and Nadine ouside their first Llanmoor Home!

These are a few of our favourite things…

When we spoke with Nadine about her experience with Llanmoor Homes, she told us that “all the house types are stunning, spacious and modern” but her favourite features had to be the glass panel they had on their first kitchen, off-road parking, spacious bedrooms, and garages. 

The couple’s favourite glass panel feature.

There’s a whole host of benefits that come with buying a new home, from high energy efficiency, to lower running costs, personalisation options, and new kitchen appliances. Plus, when you buy with Llanmoor Homes your home will benefit from a 10-year NHBC Buildmark New Build Warranty.

“There’s so much potential to make your home perfectly styled to you”, Nadine added. 

So why did they decide to buy a second Llanmoor Home?

“The reason we wanted to come back to Llanmoor was because of the exceptional customer service we received with our first home. Mark, Lee, and the team would always go above and beyond with any minor snags that need attending to as a new build settles.”

“hand-on-heart, the customer service and aftercare is second to none at Llanmoor. I never expected such an exceptional quality of aftercare”, added Nadine. 

From a Moulton to a Llanmaes

In September 2019 the couple moved into their first Llanmoor Home, a Moulton E house type, and are expecting to move into their second home, a Llanmaes house type, this October. 

Nadine and Daniel after selecting their second Llanmoor Homes’ house type.

When we asked what they liked about the Llanmaes, Nadine and Daniel told us, “The layout is perfect for us as we can make it our forever home. The glass panel that we’d had in our kitchen on the Moulton E previously is also in the Llanmaes, this time between the hallway and the living room, and we’re obsessed with it! We ultimately couldn’t part with the glass panel feature.”

The couple’s first Moulton E home kitchen, featuring their beloved glass panel. 

Imaginative use of light, open-plan living, and outdoor space are just a few of the features you’ll experience when stepping into our beautifully built new homes. You can walk through our show homes either on-site or online, using our latest VR technology. 

‘A joy every time we stepped foot in the door’

At Llanmoor Homes, we think it’s important to keep our buyers in the loop every step of the way, so our buyers are able to obtain regular updates on the progress of their home from a dedicated Sales Advisor. 

Nadine explained that all of the Sales Advisors they had worked with were “so friendly and helpful…we couldn’t have asked for better and we’re so grateful to them for how they’ve made our experience with Llanmoor such a positive one through an otherwise very stressful and uncertain time buying a home!”

Filling their home with happy memories and wonderful stories

For Nadine and Daniel, their new Llanmaes home is set to be their forever home. Nadine told us they are “so excited to fill our forever home with such happy memories and wonderful stories”. 

Sometimes the best memories are made when it comes to decorating your new build, from painting to picking out the decor. It’s a learning process as Nadine recognised, telling us, “we will most likely botch a few paint jobs as we live and learn to decorate our home.”

We regularly share inspiration for how to transform your new build home and garden

A family-orientated, local builder of exceptional quality

Nadine and Daniel said, “Buying a new home is a very stressful time but the home you get at the end of it with Llanmoor is so worth it! We feel very lucky to have such a family-orientated, local builder that builds to an exceptional quality right on our doorstep.” 

Here at Llanmoor Homes, we think there is nothing more important than family. That’s why as a family-run business, we care so much for each and every family that is moving into their new Llanmoor Home. 

All of our sales centres and show homes are now open 10:30 am – 5 pm Thursday to Monday and no longer require an appointment. Call us on 01443 228413 to find out more or browse our active developments here.

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