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From Bricklayer to Contracts Manager, Miles Deere reflects on 45 years in the housebuilding industry

This month’s blog begins our new ‘Meet Our People’ series. 

Llanmoor Homes is celebrating its 55th year of trading this year and the company continues to go from strength to strength. We have many long-serving members of staff in all departments, from planning through to completion and this year we want to celebrate their achievements. 

We caught up with Miles Deere, Contracts Manager who has been employed by Llanmoor Homes since 1989.

How long have you worked for Llanmoor Homes?  

I have worked with Llanmoor Homes since 7th August 1989, much has changed in that time. What strikes me most about the company is the constant strive for improvement and quality which reflects in the fact that once we employ good staff, we rarely see them move on – many employed and sub-contract workers have stayed with us well in excess of 20 years – this leads to an extremely content workforce. 

I had previously worked for a smaller builder after leaving school which takes my total time in the house building industry to nearly 45 years after starting as an apprentice bricklayer at 16 years old. Following my time laying bricks I soon became in demand to train as a Site Manager, and at the age of 21, and after completing my Construction HNC I was managing my first site at the age of 25.

I joined Llanmoor Homes aged 29 after I heard Simon was looking for someone with experience of raft foundations to commence a site in Llanharry, now known as Trem Y Garth. Following on from this site I then continued on to Elms Farm Llanharry, and Maes Y Gobaith Llanharan, and it was at this site it was suggested that with the impending retirement of my former Contracts Manager Dave Davies, that I may be considered for the role of his replacement. Following an interview on 4th January 2006, I was pleased to take up this position that I still hold today.

What have been your highlights? 

There have been several but here’s a list of the most memorable ones:

  • Buying my own Llanmoor home in 2000 in which I still live
  • Getting married in 2003 to my wonderful wife Bridget
  • Seeing my mother & father-in-law move into their first Llanmoor home in 2004, then a second in 2007
  • Being promoted to Contracts Manager in 2006
  • Receiving a watch from the company in 2014 for 25 years-service
  • My son purchasing his first Llanmoor home in 2016
  • The birth of my 8 fantastic grandchildren from 2007 to 2018

What do you enjoy the most about working for Llanmoor Homes?

The thing I enjoy most about working for Llanmoor Homes above all else; is friendship! Having been here for so long I have built a personal relationship with all staff, up to and including the Directors. The support from Llanmoor that I have experienced over some difficult periods of recession, and personal issues as well, has been outstanding. Tim, Matthew, or Simon’s door is always open if I have a problem or just feel like a chat. 

The fact that we are able to compete against the national companies with such quality and pace is also very rewarding for me. NHBC regional & National Awards were unheard of at Llanmoor up to 10 years ago, and I would like to think that some of my influence has helped the 6 very capable Site Managers under me, in achieving such well-deserved success.

How has it been working for Llanmoor Homes during lockdown? 

We have all experienced a very difficult 2020, and in March there was definitely concern over how the company would perform. I think we all knew that if any business could survive it would be Llanmoor Homes but neither I, nor the staff could have imagined the huge support we had from Tim, Simon & Matthew. We closed the sites for a period of 9 weeks whilst they worked on a solution for our safe return, and we as site management have carried this through since our return in the safest manner possible, adapting to the ever increasing challenges that each week seems to bring. I could not feel more safe nor proud of what we have managed to achieve from March to now, and it is a result of a huge effort particularly by the Directors.

What are you most looking forward to about the future with Llanmoor?

Once we come out the other side from this pandemic and the planning authorities finally take off the restraints to allow us to open the new sites fully at Govilon, Tondu & Llangafellach, I see a huge bright new future for Llanmoor Homes. If my good health continues it will take me well into retirement and I’m sure that there is a lot of young blood in the company capable of carrying the great Llanmoor banner forward – I do hope that they have a career as fulfilling as mine.

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