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Festive Feasting

If you’re hosting Christmas Day festivities this year and are panicking about making the perfect Christmas Dinner, fear not, we have some simple tips to make things run a little smoother on the big day!

“He’s making his list, checking it twice…” Just like Santa and his gift list, make a list of all the dishes you plan on making and the ingredients required to make your food shop easier. On Christmas Day, tick of your dishes as you go to ensure none are missed from the dinner table!

How long does your turkey need to be cooked for? If you’ve invited guests over for a 1pm Christmas Dinner, work backwards to set your alarm for putting the turkey in the oven! Generally speaking, cook the turkey for 40 mins per kilo for the first 4 kilos then 45 mins for every kilo over that weight.

Christmas Day can be a hectic day, so make things easier by preparing your potatoes and vegetables on Christmas Eve, and store in water in the fridge

Spruce up your sprouts! Whether you love them of hate them, the Brussel sprouts will be making an appearance at some point over the festive period, so why not make them a bit more exciting by cooking with bacon and chestnuts

Whether you’re catering for vegetarians or simply want some delicious veggie-based dishes, there’s plenty of Christmas alternatives to the nut roast. Why not make some vegetarian pigs in blankets by grilling pieces of halloumi and wrapping them in courgette strips, or perhaps a parsnip tarte tatin? There’s also the option of stuffed roast vegetables such as butternut squash, aubergines and peppers, or winter warmer soups.

For the perfect roast potatoes, choose a Maris Piper of King Edward variety, and once par boiled, ‘fluff’ up with a fork before sprinkling in flours. Whether using goose or duck fat, or the meat juices, ensure the fat is piping hot to before adding the potatoes to the dish to create a crispy outside and fluffy inside.

If you’re hosting for a large group of guests, and don’t have enough oven or kitchen space, why not suggest for guests to bring a dish each and create a spread of delicious homemade festive dishes

Lastly, to keep your guests refreshed, welcome them with a glass of prosecco, and have a selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks available throughout the day!

Happy Christmas!

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