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Along with buying a new home comes many questions and queries. That is why we have put together our FAQ to give some answers to some of the most common questions we get asked. But should you need anything else we are only a phone call or email away!

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Llanmoor FAQ

Questions about our new developments?

Who are Llanmoor Homes and how are they different to National Home builders?

Llanmoor Homes (Llanmoor Development Co Limited) are a privately owned New Home builder who have constructed in excess of 5000 homes across South Wales since they commenced their first development during early 1966. The present day Company is run by brothers Simon, Tim & Matthew Grey who have each worked for the family business for between 20 and 35 years and each play a specific hands on management role as to day to day business operations.

The Directors and their whole team go to great lengths to ensure that the homes that they build are of an exceptionally high standard, testament to which is that many of the employees and Directors have previously or currently live in a Llanmoor Home. The Company has won and continues to win a great deal of awards for their high standards of construction and customer service. Whilst Llanmoor often build their developments close to their national competitors, their very high reputation often encourages potential buyers to purchase a Llanmoor Home rather than from one of the competitor new home developers. The whole team at Llanmoor are proud of the homes that they construct and the company continually seeks to monitor operations with a view to ensuring that their reputation for high quality new homes continues for many years to come.

Do all Llanmoor developments have a show home and Sales centre ? What times are the Sales centres open for enquiries?

During the very early stages of construction of a new development there may not be a Sales centre on site. As soon as practicable a sales centre will open at the development, whether that be a temporary sales cabin or permanent sales centre. prior to opening an on site sales centre, enquiries relating to information about a new development can be registered via our website and such information will be provided as soon as available. Every Llanmoor development will have a show home/s or view home of one or more of the house styles being constructed on that development as soon as possible following a site start. The Company attempt to vary the style of show home they have available between their developments in order that potential buyers can often visit another development to view that house style. The Company website has links to VR Tours of the majority of its home designs, whether they be furnished or unfurnished.

All Llanmoor Sales centres are open Thursdays to Mondays inclusive, between the hours of 10:30am – 5pm. Enquiries can be made outside these hours via the Company website or via the Company Head Office (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.15pm)

How do I register my interest in one of Llanmoor Homes future developments?

Llanmoor are always planning ahead and purchasing land for future new housing development across South Wales. Whilst the process between land purchase and actual site start can take a considerable time, as soon as we are able to we commence initial promotion of the development as `Coming Soon’, whether it be by via our website or by means of Social Media and PR Stories in regional publications. You can register your interest in a future development via our website, via the Company Head Office or by means of visiting one of our existing development sales centres. Prices of the homes will generally not be available until the on site sales centre is open.

I understand that Llanmoor operate something called an Early Bird Scheme for future plot releases?

As construction of homes proceeds on a development and future releases near build start , the Company make available such properties for Early Bird Reservation. The Early Bird scheme enables the first proceedable people / person who register for a particular property the opportunity to have first option to purchase that home when the price is actually released. The Early Bird availability of a specific plot is generally made approximately 6 weeks prior to build commencement. Prior to being permitted to place a £150.00 refundable Early Bird reservation fee on a property, Llanmoor will need to check that you are in a position to proceed with a reservation. If you have a related sale we will wish to know the chain details and will contact the relevant Estate Agents to check that matters are indeed proceeding. We will also need to have you qualified as to your affordability for mortgage purposes with our recommended Independent Financial Advisor (you do not have to use the Financial adviser for your mortgage application should you have your own). Once the actual price of the relevant plot is released, we will contact you to advise you and allow you 48 hours to confirm whether you wish to proceed to purchase and only then will the reservation fee become non refundable ( see our reservation agreement form at the sales centre for details) . Should we fail to hear from you within 48 hours of price release, the property will be offered on general release and your Early Bird reservation fee will be refunded to you. It is totally at the discretion of the Company as to whether an Early Bird reservation is accepted.

How do I go about reserving a Llanmoor Home and what checks will be made as to my ability to purchase?

Once a plot price has been released for sale and is listed on our price lists and website it is available to reserve. Reservations will only be accepted if you are able to proceed to an exchange of contracts within 4 weeks of placing your reservation and to legal completion of your purchase as and when the property is build complete. We are unable to accept any reservation whereby there is an incomplete chain of buyers or you are unable to provide us with sufficient information to satisfy us that you are proceedable. As part of our due diligence checks, we will contact your Estate Agent to verify that you have a complete chain of buyers and will also request that you speak with our recommended Financial advisor for an initial affordability check. Subject to these checks being clear we will accept your £500.00 reservation fee and complete the necessary paperwork with you. The buyer has a 14 calendar day cooling off period and can cancel the reservation agreement and receive a full refund of the reservation fee during this period.

Should you be unable to proceed or change your mind as to purchasing following placing your reservation fee, we will make a deduction from the fee for our administration costs. The amount of deduction is listed within the Reservation Agreement form that you will be asked to sign upon reservation.

I understand that I will need to appoint a Solicitor / Licenced Conveyancer and a Mortgage adviser to apply for funding to enable me to purchase a Llanmoor Home? Are you able to recommend people to me?
You will indeed need to appoint a Solicitor/ Licenced Conveyancer and likely to need to appoint a financial adviser to act for you in the purchase of a Llanmoor Home. We have a number of suitably qualified people / Companies who have acted for our purchasers and who have gained an excellent knowledge of Llanmoor sites and legal paperwork. We can recommend a number of people for you to make contact with (or we can initially contact them for you) who will advise you of their fee structures, the purchase costs and can assist you with any applications for funding. There is absolutely no obligation on you to use the services of one of our recommended partners, but we do find that using someone who is well acquainted with our procedures and developments can make significant time savings as to your proceeding to a Contract exchange.
I am not experienced as to the purchase of a New Home. Can you assist and advise me as to what I need to arrange and do between reservation, Contract exchange and legal completion of my purchase?
Whilst our Sales Negotiators are on hand to guide you through the purchase process of your new Llanmoor Home, there are some things that you need to ensure that you do in order to ensure that matters proceed to an exchange of contracts in accordance with the terms of the reservation agreement . From the date of reservation you have a period of 4 weeks to proceed to an exchange of contracts , at which time both you and Llanmoor are legally committed to purchase and sell to each other. It is absolutely vital that you contact your Solicitor on the first working day following placing your reservation to formally instruct them to act for you and pay them fees on account to enable them to commence their pre contract enquiries including legal searches. You will also need to be in contact with your Financial adviser / lender to make arrangements to complete the necessary Application forms for your mortgage ( and Help to Buy funding if applicable ) within the first 7 days following reservation . Should these steps not be taken very early following reservation it is unlikely that you will be able to exchange contracts within the 4 week deadline and Llanmoor have the right to re offer the property for sale. Our Sales Negotiators will liase with you, your Solicitor, financial adviser and Estate agent (if applicable) in order to ensure that all possible progress is being made towards contract exchange. It is vitally important that you keep in regular weekly contact with your Solicitor, financial adviser and Estate agent to ensure that matters are proceeding with all possible haste. In the event that you become aware of any potential delays or changes in circumstances as to your purchase (or as to your related sale) please ensure that you inform our Sales Negotiator immediately. Once you have exchanged contracts its over to us to complete your new Llanmoor Home as soon as possible. During this period we will be in contact with you as to updates on progress of your home and to arrange for you to visit the sales centre to make your personal selections as to kitchen units, tiles, etc. Needless to say our Sales Negotiators will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have during this period. Once your home is build complete we will contact you to arrange a demonstration visit to your new home and will advise your Solicitor that the property is ready for occupation. Legal completion of your purchase will need to take place within 10 working days of our issuing formal notice to complete. As soon as we have confirmation that completion funds have reached our bank, we will arrange to contact you to make arrangements for you to collect your keys and carry out your final walk through before we leave you to move in to and enjoy your new Llanmoor Home.
Will I have the chance to view my home during its construction?
Construction sites are potentially dangerous places to be and so whilst we appreciate that you may be very excited to see the progress of your home during its construction , we must ensure that it is safe for you to do so. Subject to safe access being available and your wearing suitable clothing (including Personal protective equipment), on condition that our Site Manager has confirmed that he is happy that it is safe for you to enter the construction area , we will be able to periodically accompany you to your new home. There will however be times when this will not be possible or convenient and it is totally at our discretion whether we permit accompanied access. Access to the construction area will not be permitted unless authorised by Site Management and your being accompanied.

Want to make an enquiry?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will guide you through the process of buying with Llanmoor Homes. From initial consultation right through to completion. If you want to enquire about a specific development or house style, please get in touch. If you have questions after moving in, please see below for our FAQs.

Llanmoor FAQ

Questions once you have moved in

Will someone show me how to operate the heating, water stop tap location and other fittings in my new Llanmoor Home?
Once your property is build complete, we will make arrangements for you to meet with our Site Manager who will provide you with a demonstration of the features and running in process of your new home. During this visit he will explain the most important features and operations to you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have . In the event that you need anything explained to you in the initial weeks and months following your moving in we will be happy to assist you. You will be contacted by our Sales team 7 days after you move in and our Site Manager will also contact you after 4 weeks, just to make sure that you are settling in and don’t have any issues.
I have an emergency in my home – who do I need to contact?

Whilst we would hope that you experience no matters that will require urgent attention, if you do experience an issue outside of site working hours, please refer to your completion day handover pack Health & Safety file . This will provide you with names and contact details for emergency out of hours plumbing and electrical contractors who will react to your call and if necessary arrange to visit your home at the very earliest opportunity. As an aside from contacting the emergency contact details, please also ensure that you email so that we are aware of the issue and can follow up as to any necessary actions having been taken to address the issue and carry out any related remedial works.

What guarantees does my new Llanmoor Home come with? How do I report any issues that I experience?

Every Llanmoor home has the benefit of an NHBC Buildmark New Build Warranty. This Warranty will commence from the day that you complete your purchase and will expire on the tenth anniversary of completion of the first purchase of the property. During the initial 2 years period you home is guaranteed against all plumbing, electrical and all other matters relating to the structure of the property where it fails to meet with NHBC standards. From the beginning of the 3rd year to the end of the tenth year, the property is guaranteed against major structural defect by NHBC. If you experience an issue within the first two years, please report the matter/s in writing (email or post) to OR the Company Head Office address which is listed on the website. Upon receipt of your letter, we will confirm receipt and will pass the matter over to our maintenance team to contact you to investigate and arrange any necessary remedial works. The guarantee does not cover issues that arise due to the normal drying out process of your home such as shrinkage as these are not considered to be due to any failure to construct the home to the required technical standards. All appliances fitted to your new home will be subject to manufacturers guarantees only as they are not items that are covered under the NHBC Warranty.

Does Llanmoor Homes participate in the Help to Buy Wales Scheme?
Every Llanmoor development where pricing is below the upper threshold under the Help to Buy Wales scheme is part of the scheme and subject to the scheme criteria. Our Sales Negotiator will be happy to provide you with information as to the scheme and if required we will put you in contact with an Independent Financial Advisor who can check that you are eligible to use the scheme.
Do I need to contact the service providers (Gas Water & Electric) and the Local Authority Council Tax Department to notify them that I have purchased my Llanmoor Home?
It is our usual practice to advise all service providers and Local Authority that you have taken ownership of your home and where relevant provide closing meter readings so that we are billed for any energy used before you completed your purchase. It is however always advisable for you to contact them all also as you will need to set up any necessary payment plans, etc. Details of your service providers, meter reference numbers and final readings can be found in the Health & Safety Pack provided In your Completion Day handover pack.
There does not appear to be any availability listed for the development that I am interested in on the website . How can I find out what is available or register for future releases?
There are times whereby due to high levels of demand our website does not list any properties as being for sale and available to reserve. In most instances this does not mean that the development has sold out and so please don’t refrain from making contact with our Sales team. In the event that we currently have no availability, we will be happy to hold your contact details on our database and contact you as to future price releases at the development of interest.
Which e mail address should I use for matters not related to Sales or Customer Care?

Whilst there is absolutely no problem in you sending in an e mail to our sales or customer care e mail addresses, you can alternatively forward your e mail to

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