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Energy efficient homes

All of our new Llanmoor homes are far more energy efficient, especially when compared with buying an older home. They’re designed to minimise waste and be kinder to the environment.

We use efficient cavity wall and loft insulation and modern double-glazing as well as install the latest building materials and energy efficient lighting as standard. That should mean a smaller carbon footprint, lower running costs and cosier living spaces too.

Energy Efficient Homes

New homes that have been built with the future in mind. Call us on 01443 228 413 to find out more about our new homes that are built with the future in mind.

energy efficient houses

Building homes for the future

We all take our environmental responsibilities seriously. When buying a Llanmoor home, you can be assured that we take every care in reducing the environmental impact of your home from the day we start building it to many years after.

Below are just some of the measures Llanmoor Homes have implemented to help our environment whilst building your home:

  • Environmental and ecological surveys are carried out and protection measures are put in place prior to building works starting to ensure that the local environment is protected.
  • Some of Llanmoors current and numerous previous developments have had a previous use. Re-using derelict sites not only saves the countryside, the derelict sites are often contaminated from years of heavy industrial use. The contamination is removed or isolated, ensuring the local community and the environment is safe from possible harm in the future.
  • Much of the timber used in the construction of a new home is sourced from responsibly managed FSC approved sustainable forests. Meaning that we can be assured that we are not contributing to the destruction of the worlds forests
  • All waste produced in the process of building a new home is segregated on site. Gypsum, plastic, card and timber waste is sent to local recycling centres. Waste bricks/blocks and inert material is re-used on site where possible.
  • Materials are sourced from local suppliers where possible. Reducing the environmental impact of transportation
  • The cavity wall construction of the new home are made from energy efficient insulation blocks. Not only do they help to keep the home warm, the blocks are made from pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA), which is a recycled waste product.

new homes

Built to high standards

In addition, New Build homes are built to much higher standards and with ever rising energy costs, energy efficiency is an important aspect to consider when buying a new home. Overall, new build homes are far cheaper to run and will dramatically lower your households carbon footprint. According to the Zero Carbon Hub, “Living in a new home could create annual savings of up to 55% compared with an older property”

Llanmoor Homes meet these efficiencies with the use of state of the art products; 

  • All homes are fitted with Central Heating boilers with an ‘A’ Energy rating. The boiler is at least 90% energy efficient. Heating systems can also be dual zone time and temperature controlled so that you can regulate the heat in different parts of your home at different times of the day.
  • Floors, ground floor slab, cavity walls and roof spaces are installed with high levels of insulation to ensure your home stays warm and welcoming.
  • A large amount of heat is lost in an old home through small un-noticed holes poorly fitted doors and windows, which create cold drafts. To ensure that high build standards are achieved and maintained, Llanmoor homes are randomly air tested to ensure that they are air tight ensuring precious heat is not lost. 
  • Lighting in the home is energy efficient.
  • All windows and external doors are double glazed with Ultra Low ‘E’ energy efficient glass.
  • All kitchens are fitted with appliances that are at least ‘A’ rated energy efficient. 
  • Toilets, Bathrooms and en suites are fitted with water efficient taps and WC’s. These fittings are designed to help save water without compromising performance.
  • Every new home is given an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This shows how energy efficient the property is on a scale of A-G, similar to that displayed on many household goods. Llanmoor homes are generally ‘B’ rated energy efficient. The EPC also gives advice on how you can improve your already excellent efficiency, such as installing Solar panels and how much this will improve your homes efficiency and reduce your bills.
  • Llanmoor homes are fitted with smart metering to help you understand how energy efficient you are and how you can maybe save energy and reduce your bills.

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FSC Approved

We are continually striving to take our environmental responsibilities to the next level and to improve the efficiency of our homes so you, the home owner, will not only feel the benefit in the pocket, but will also know that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Going forward, we are working closely with Welsh Government to meet its efficient homes targets and Zero Carbon Homes by 2020 so that we have the most energy efficient homes in Europe.

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