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DIY your home!

Home improvements can prove time consuming and costly, and when thrown into the mix of a busy daily life it can become a little bit stressful. But what if we told you we have some cost effective and fun alternatives to getting a truck full of tradesmen in and spending all of your hard earned cash?

The simplest of changes to your home can make a huge difference. Moving furniture around can give you a whole new perspective on a room, and changing up your colour scheme with accent pieces can renew your space.

Here are some of our favourite DIY ideas to revamp your home…

Make your kids a DIY desk

This children’s bench made from a shelf is a winner. Cost effective and not too time consuming its sure to be a hit with your little ones!


Measure the length of space on the wall you wish to attach the bench to. Around 6ft will seat 5 kids comfortably. Look in your local hardware store for a shelf that’s laminate so it’s easily cleaned and kid-proof. To attach the shelf to the wall you’ll need two way shelf brackets which are available on Amazon. TOP-TIP: If you can’t find the colour materials you want, simply spray paint them!

To go with your new bench you’ll need some chairs which can be found on Amazon or in IKEA. It really is as easy as that!

Liven up your living room

Now it’s time to breathe new life in to your living room. There are two ways to revamp this room, you can either move the furniture around to give a new perspective or change up your colour pallet!

By moving your sofa to a different position along with your television and coffee table, you can easily redesign your living room’s layout. By exposing all the hidden nooks and crannies you can also get a deep clean done too!

Changing the colour scheme of your living room doesn’t require a grand scale decorating operation. So, put the paint brush away and try this instead – choose the colour you would like to accent your space with.

Once you’ve decided, go out and look for cushions and throws in your new colour palette. These will add some colour and texture to your room. Choose a new rug and get some beautiful flowers to display on your coffee table. These soft furnishings will make the room feel inviting while also adding your own person style. Light up a beautifully scented candle and add a new statement table lamp to be well on your way to decor perfection!

Optimise the space in your room

Another great top tip to make your room feel larger than it actually is is to keep an eye out for a statement mirror. The mirror will open up the room and make it feel bigger while adding some interest to your wall. If you find a design of mirror you like but it isn’t the right colour, DIY it and spray paint it!

Re paint your cabinets

These tips are also transferrable to your kitchen space; the kitchen is the heart of the home so it deserves to be decorated beautifully. If you feel that your cabinets just aren’t your style anymore but don’t want to pay thousands to have a whole new kitchen fitted then simply paint them!  


Never begin your project without wiping down your cabinets; you can even use a degreaser. If you don’t do this step correctly you can be left with peeling paint at the end of your hard work. You may need to give your cabinets a light sanding depending on the type of paint or wood you have. Afterwards, you’re then ready to remove the hardware and cabinet doors.

Look for a paint that is specifically designed for furniture. Chalk or enamel paints are great for this type of project!

Make sure you use good quality brush to minimise the risk of bristles falling out and drying into the paint work. Use a brush to get into the details of the cabinet frame and then a smooth foam roller for the faces of the cabinets. If you have any paint drips you can sand these away in-between coats. Let one coat dry, lightly sand the entire surface and then apply your next coat.

When you’re done you can either recycle the hardware from your old kitchen or choose new ones for a total redesign.

Replace your storage units with quirky alternatives

Another way to DIY your kitchen is to replace your storage units with quirky alternatives. Fresh produce needs to be stored correctly and these palette storage units are sure to add an element of farmhouse-chic. Simply replace your cabinet drawers with palette containers with matching dimensions.

With these tips you will be able to DIY refurbish your home for a fraction of the cost and stress. You are welcome!

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