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Decorating your new Llanmoor home for Christmas

1. The brighter the lights, the better: Sometimes, lights on a house can be small and can’t really be seen from afar, which won’t help you stand out. Consider using large, preferably waterproof lights (so that they’ll still shine bright, even in the snow!). But if you’re looking for lights for interior décor, then simple fairy lights from will work just as well.

    1. Primark Home 25 Fairy Lights (£2/Primark)
    1. KooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lights (£21/ Amazon)

 2. People love decorations: Along with the lights, decorations are also a really big factor when determining how you plan on decorating your house. BUT, don’t overdo it. Take into consideration the size of your house and how much space you have. Less is more, and will look bang on trend.

    1. ,
    1. 9 white and green Christmas decorations (£1.99/
    1. 12 pack of Red and White Christmas Decorations (£5/M&S)

 3.The final touch: You can’t decorate your house for Christmas without a Tree! It’s the most important part! Recently, people are straying away from the typical green Christmas tree and are starting to explore different colours such as Red and Silver. The colours still fit with the Christmas theme, but it makes your house stand out as different! However, if you’re considering a colourful Christmas tree, make sure that your decorations match the colour scheme!

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    1. Argos Home 6 ft Christmas Tree (£18/Argos)
    1. 6 ft White Christmas Tree (£8.99/Ebay)

And there you have it! 3 simple steps into decorating your house for the Christmas- without breaking the bank! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Decorating!

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