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Community comes together at Waterloo Gardens

A Llanmoor Homes resident, along with five of her neighbours, recently set up an events committee to bring the Waterloo Gardens community closer together.

Victoria Ward and Sarah Hensman were the driving forces behind founding the committee and the duo that decided to throw a Hawaiian themed summer party to get to know the rest of their neighbours.

Victoria said: “The summer party was the event that started everything; we got to meet a lot of the residents that we haven’t met before and the fundraising gave us an opportunity to really get to know each other. Sarah also set up a Facebook page for everyone to share ideas on – it’s been really popular.”

The summer party turned out to be such a great success, the pair then went on to raise money for future events by selling raffle tickets.

“Everyone has been so supportive, so much so that all of the raffle prizes have been donated by other residents on the development! It’s amazing to see how the whole neighbourhood has embraced the idea and really gotten into the spirit of it all.”

The raffle prizes donated by the residents include a £75 meat hamper, flight around South Wales, 5 personal training sessions, flowers, beauty treatments, alcohol and chocolates. Llanmoor Homes has also donated tickets for a family of four to go to the Celtic Manor’s ‘Christmas Kingdom: After Dark’.

Victoria continued: “Our next planned event is the Christmas party; we have a marquee that was kindly donated by an occupant on the development and we’re planning on decorating it, so it looks like Santa’s grotto. We’re hoping to have a visit from Father Christmas and his elves to make it really special for the children, as well as a stall with mulled wine and mince pies for the adults.

“Plans are also already in place for another Easter and summer party, and as a community we’re all really looking forward to the events becoming even bigger and better!”

Tim Grey, Sales Director of Llanmoor Homes, said: “It’s been fantastic to hear about all of the events Victoria, Sarah and the other residents have organised over the past few months. The events committee has created a real buzz at Waterloo Gardens and it’s these sorts of initiatives that are emblematic of the community spirit we endeavour to see at our developments.”

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