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Community comes first: We partnered with Coity Higher Community Council to provide green space and a play area

At Llanmoor Homes, we’re all about community which is why we partnered with the Coity Higher Community Council to provide green space and a play area.

We have transferred the Joslin Terrace Play Area in Bridgend to the Community Council’s hands after numerous years of our own management and maintenance. 

Play areas and public spaces are essential for communities, and since the pandemic, these areas have taken on an increased value as to the local community’s well-being and health. The Joslin Terrace play area in the Coity Higher Community is a perfect example of this; as a member of the Community Council said, “the play area and green space are a centrepiece of the community, a village green in a sense.” 

We constructed and sold 34 new affordable and open market sale homes on their adjacent development. Within the boundaries of that development, there was an existing area of open space with protected trees that we transformed into a public open space and equipped play area for the local community to enjoy. 

“The transfer of the play area means that the Community Council can ensure that the amenity space can be improved when future adaptations may prove necessary to align to local requirements”, said a member of the Coity Higher Community Council. 

Pictured: Green space in Coity Higher Community

The council viewed the green space as an opportunity for innovation to meet the needs of residents on neighbouring streets. 

“The most notable aspect was Llanmoor’s willingness to deal directly with the Community Council. We hope this can be a pioneering partnership that we can replicate with other developers and future schemes.”

As a new home developer, we are committed to maintaining or enhancing a sense of community. Our team works closely with the local authorities to provide transport and amenity improvements when building new developments.

Pictured: Joslin Terrace Play Area

Tim Grey, Sales Director at Llanmoor Homes, said: “The provision of open space and play areas within our developments has for many years formed a vitally important part of ensuring that both the new residents and those already living nearby have the benefit of somewhere to play or relax and unwind. The massive effects associated with the Coronavirus pandemic on our lives have made us all value the availability of amenity space near our homes, especially when many homeowners continue to work from home either full time or on a hybrid basis. The transfer of this land to the Community Council ensures that the amenity space will be available to the community to enjoy for many years to come.”

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