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Celebrate World Environment Day with us!

At Llanmoor Homes, we’re dedicated to creating beautiful new homes that also care for our planet. This World Environment Day, we’re proud to highlight our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly building practices. When buying a Llanmoor home, you can be assured that we take every care in reducing the environmental impact of your home from the day we start building it to many years after.

Below are just some of the measures Llanmoor Homes have implemented to help our environment whilst building your home:

◼ Llanmoor homes adhere to the latest Building regulations contributing to an eco-friendly home. New build homes emit 61% less carbon a year, the average new build home emits 1.33 tonnes of carbon per year, just 39% of that of the average older property, which emits an average of 3.51 tonnes per year.

◼ We source materials from local suppliers whenever possible, reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

◼ Environmental and ecological surveys are carried out and protection measures are put in place prior to building works starting to ensure that the local environment is protected.

◼ Some of Llanmoors current and numerous previous developments have had a previous use These sites are given a new lease of life.

◼ Much of the timber used in the construction of a new home is sourced from responsibly managed FSC approved sustainable forests. Meaning that we can be assured that we are not contributing to the destruction of the worlds forests

◼ All waste produced in the process of building a new home is segregated on site. Gypsum, plastic, card and timber waste is sent to local recycling centres. Waste bricks/blocks and inert material is re-used on site where possible.

◼ Materials are sourced from local suppliers where possible. Reducing the environmental impact of transportation

◼ The cavity wall construction of a new home are made from energy efficient insulation blocks. Not only do they help to keep the home warm, the blocks are made from pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA), which is a recycled waste product.

Join us in celebrating World Environment Day by making conscious choices for a greener future. Take the leap and purchase your new eco-friendly Llanmoor Home!

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