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Housebuilding needs you!

Date Posted: 02 October 2015

This general election the need to build more homes was perhaps the only thing that all the political parties agreed on, and after a difficult few years for housebuilders, the demand for new houses is now steadily rising. The UK is building again and we’ve seen evidence of this at Llanmoor with our sales this year having almost doubled from this time last year. As with any other industry, the more work there is, the more job opportunities there are, and housebuilding has certainly boomed in the last year.

As a growing industry, housebuilding is full of varied and exciting roles for people with different skills and interests. You don’t have to be a builder to work in housebuilding; we employ people in HR, sales, admin, design and management roles. Jobs are available at graduate level, as well as for those who feel that further education isn’t the right fit for them, and there are lots of opportunities for people to work their way up into positions with more responsibility.

The current shortage in skilled construction workers, combined with the fact that one in five construction workers is set to retire within the next 10 years, means that tens of thousands of workers of all skill levels will be needed to keep up with the growing demand for building new houses. The opportunities available for people of all ages to build a career within the industry are huge but we need to make sure we’re doing all we can to encourage people to consider looking at housebuilding.

Sadly, until recently the trend has been to favour academic study over practical careers, which has contributed greatly to the current shortages. This is why, at Llanmoor, we want to inspire the next generation of housebuilders and we’re currently in talks with schools to arrange for pupils to visit our sites and see what we do.

- Tim Grey, Sales Director at Llanmoor Homes, 2015.

For more information on careers in housebuilding, please visit www.housebuildingcareers.org.uk