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Housebuilders lay foundations for your community

Date Posted: 14 October 2015

Housing is a hot topic in the UK at the moment, with calls for more new houses to be built coming from all directions. The focus has been largely on the need to provide more homes for a growing population; however, Welsh housebuilder Llanmoor Homes has welcomed a recent report by the House Builder’s Federation highlighting the huge social and economic benefits of house building.

The HBF report, which was published earlier this year, outlined ways in which new housing developments are extremely beneficial to communities. Housebuilders contribute £576 million every year to public services including educational facilities, public open spaces, community facilities and transportation. Areas with new housing developments therefore tend to have better schools, roads and public services and evidence shows that residents of the new homes being built will spend an extra £3.2 billion on goods and services in the local area.

Tim Grey, Sales Director at Llanmoor Homes, said: “As a local family-run business, we believe in ensuring that our developments benefit communities and families already living in the area, as well as potential new residents. As this report shows, housebuilders across the UK are really engaging with local communities and authorities to ensure the best possible outcome for both the developments and local people.”

As well as providing funding for local services, many housebuilders give back to communities through sponsorships of local clubs. Llanmoor Homes has become involved with several local sports teams in their development areas. They have renewed their sponsorship of Ely Valley Football Club helping to fund new kits for the Under 18s team, and they recently donated high-quality topsoil from one of their nearby developments to a local rugby club for renovation of their pitch.

Housebuilders often develop brownfield sites, which would otherwise be left unused, and work to protect the local plant and wildlife where possible. The HBF report found that house builders planted or retained 6.5 million trees and shrubs on housing developments last year, the equivalent of 45 trees and shrubs per completed home.

Tim continued: “It’s important that we keep building new homes but it’s also vital that we protect the local environment. At Llanmoor we’re passionate about protecting the environment and wildlife, and maintaining open spaces for our residents to enjoy.

“We are also currently building on 70% brownfield sites to ensure that undeveloped land is put to the best possible use. Our Elms Farm development in Llanharry helped give new life to an undeveloped plot of agricultural land.”

Another important benefit to creating more new homes is to meet the demand for affordable housing. According to the HBF report “around 38% of the new homes built in the UK are classed as affordable housing”.

Housebuilders also work closely with the government and local authorities to implement schemes to help people who would otherwise be unable to afford to buy a house achieve their dream home.

Help to Buy Wales enables first time buyers and existing home owners across Wales to purchase a new build property up to the value of £300,000 with as little as a 5% deposit and 75% mortgage.

Locally, the Homestep Scheme has been introduced in Rhondda Cynon Taff which allows buyers to pay just 70% of the asking price for their new home, with the council retaining ownership of the other 30%.

Tim said: “Help to Buy has undoubtedly helped with the recent great improvements in the housing industry and we have certainly seen numerous benefits since its introduction last year. For many people owning their own home would be an impossibility if it were not for these schemes. We are great supporters of these initiatives and will be releasing new homes under the Homestep Scheme on our Padfield Court development in Tonyrefail later this year.”

 “Of course as the industry grows so do employment opportunities. As well as jobs directly within housebuilding companies there is more work for labourers, suppliers and contractors. At Llanmoor we attempt to source our materials locally where possible, as well as using local labourers to carry out work on our sites and decorating our show homes with items from local businesses. The more homes that are being built, the more work will become available for people who need it and the more money will go back into local economies.”

Llanmoor Homes is one of the only remaining large scale, family-owned housebuilders in South Wales. Established in 1966, Llanmoor is directed by brothers Simon, Tim and Matthew Grey from their headquarters in Talbot Green. Llanmoor currently has 7 developments across South Wales, with a new development, Waterloo Gardens at Mon Bank in Newport due to launch later this year.