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3 Trends to welcome spring into your home

Date Posted: 01 April 2015

3 Trends to welcome spring into your home

Refresh your home this spring by updating your decorating and design. You will be amazed what a huge difference this can make to your room and your mood. To get you started, we've picked out 3 of the top Spring/Summer trends for 2015.

1. The Best of Botanic

This trend is all about bringing the garden into your home. Shades of green and exotic flower patterns will make you feel refreshed and will bring light and colour into your home. Green colours are best combined with pale or richer walnut wood. And of course, don't forget about real plants and flowers to add another dimension to your design.

Here are a few designs to inspire you:


2. Pastels

If you would like something soft and breezy then this trend is for you! For maximum effect pair pastel colour shades with grey and white to create a contrast, but still keep it light. Keep away from the floral designs though; this trend is focused on colour not patterns. It will pair wonderfully with retro shapes and simple designs.


3. All things Tribal

If you're feeling brave then why not try integrating tribal patterns into your home. Combine bold bright colours with vibrant patterns and prints.

If you're not ready to wallpaper an entire wall with a wacky print, use rugs, tapestries and cushions for a more subtle look.

This trend is sure to make an impact on any visitor!

I've been experimenting with all these trends in the new show home at St Llid's Meadow which will be opening later this month. Here are a few photos showing the ways I have been using these trends in my decoration:

It only takes a few changes to make a noticeable difference to you home, so pick out your favourite trend and get shopping!

Tracey Grey, Show Home Designer, Llanmoor Homes