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Preparing your Llanmoor Home for Winter

Getting your Home Winter Ready

Servicing your Boiler

It is important to check your boiler, making sure that your pilot light is still on. Relight if needed. Also check the pressure of your boiler and top up if necessary (where applicable)

Test your heating before the cold months

As we transition from Summer to Winter, you may need to reacquaint yourself with your heating.

Windows and Doors

Do a quick check to make sure all windows are shut tight ready for the colder weather. Check whether there are any gaps in the windows and doors if so seal them up and reduce drafts and heating costs.

Bleed Radiators

After a few months out of action, you may find that your radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom. To make the most of your heating bleed your radiators.

Check your outside lights

Make sure you always have a well lit view around your home at night especially as it gets darker throughout Winter.

Clean your gutters

Clear any rubbish/leaves from your gutters preventing any build up which could result in a blockage preventing the water to flow away.

Check your outside tap

Turn your isolation valve off under the kitchen sink. This prevents water from freezing and taps/pipes splitting and leaking.

Get your garden ready

Secure anything that could be blown around the garden. This could include plants, pots, bins, toys & outdoor furniture.

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