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£20m turnover for family-run Llanmoor Homes

Welsh housebuilder Llanmoor Homes is celebrating after experiencing their most successful sales period for 7 years.

Llanmoor has announced that the company’s annual turnover for 2014/15 was more than £20m, a significant increase from the £15m secured last year.

Reservations taken by the family-run housebuilder during the first month of 2015 were more than double those taken in January 2014. This rounds off a successful year for the company who saw a 20% increase in completed sales compared to the previous year.
This significant growth has enabled Llanmoor to more than double the number of staff employed by the company over the past 12 months. This includes the appointment of 2 new Site Managers, 2 Engineers, 2 Sales Negotiators and 25 groundworkers.

Llanmoor Homes is one of Wales’ only remaining privately-owned house builders. The company, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, operates from its headquarters in Talbot Green and has built over 3500 homes. The housebuilder is currently building at 7 developments across South Wales. The company continually strives to maintain its high standards of construction and customer service that the larger national homebuilders cannot offer.

Tim Grey, Sales Director for Llanmoor Homes said: “After some tough years where the housing marketing in general was struggling I am extremely pleased that we are now experiencing a significant turnaround. The improvement to our business has a positive effect which expands beyond our own company as we are now able to provide more jobs not just within our own organisation, but also to the many local suppliers we use.

“There are many places in South Wales which are still in desperate need for more homes and this success has enabled us to move forward on developments faster than we would have been able to do so in recent years. It has also enabled us to confidently invest in more land across South Wales to ensure that we can continue to grow at a sustained and reliable level.”

Of all the homes Llanmoor sold last year, over 40% were through the Help to Buy Wales scheme. The scheme enables first time buyers and existing home owners to purchase a new build property up to the value of £300,000 with a 5% deposit, 75% mortgage and 20% equity loan from the Welsh Government.

Llanmoor Homes are hoping the high sales figures will continue beyond 2015 following the announcement last month that the Welsh Government will be extending the Help to Buy Wales scheme beyond March 2016. The Budget announcement as to the introduction of a Help to Buy ISA savings scheme will provide further encouragement and assistance to potential new home buyers to purchase their dream home.

Tim continued: “I am delighted with the recent announcement by Welsh and central government as to both the Help to Buy Wales scheme and forthcoming ISA. Help to Buy has undoubtedly aided the great improvement to our sales over the past year and we have certainly seen numerous benefits since its introduction. 85% of the homes we sold through Help to Buy Wales last year were bought by first time buyers which demonstrates that the scheme is playing a vital part in helping many people make those first difficult steps onto the property ladder.

“I am looking forward to what 2015/16 will bring as the high sales figures we have already experienced this year are very encouraging and I see no reason why we will not be announcing even more impressive figures in March 2016.”

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